Christmas 2006 Popular Toys for Boys
by: Hunter Beck

Imagine your children playing with their dad for countless hours using their cool, new Christmas toys. Whether it is stormy or sunshine, you can play with most of the toys all the time. The Marshmallow Gun, Potato Cannon, Marshmallow Shooter, and Flying Helicopters are super cool Christmas toys during the holidays and many days thereafter. In fact these are really cool toys for your kid year-round.


Marshmallow guns are fun for children, and even adults. Anyone and everyone will discover that a marshmallow shooter from pvc is easy to load. When playing with the marshmallow gun, you can shoot other people because it doesn’t hurt and it’s accurate. Shooting your dog is fun since you don’t have to pick up the marshmallows. Marshmallow guns are definitely one of Christmas 2006 most popular toys.


Shooting up to 300 feet, the potato cannon is one of my favorite toys to shoot. All you have to do is buy potatoes, go to the country, and shoot off your spud gun. You don’t even have to pick up the potatoes since they are biodegradable. Not only does the potato cannon shoot potatoes, but other objects fit in the potato cannon. Our family shot off a variety of vegetables and fruits for a Science fair project. Due to the danger of propane spudguns, we suggest using hair spray as a propellant. Be sure you get your plans for a spud gun in Backyard Ballistics. They are a necessity.


Are you looking for cool toys for teenagers? Marshmallow Shooters and Blasters are awesome toys. Any age can shoot a marshmallow shooter, but teens like it best. Included in the box are free reusable pellets. Since marshmallows get hard and sticky, these pellets are a great deal. The shooter box comes with a sticker for 100 free bullets, as well as a target on the back.


Flying helicopters are easy to fly high and they soar high above the rooftops. You don’t have to chase these large black hawk helicopter toys very far. Boys and girls of all ages will be fascinated by this cool Christmas toy for 2006.

Regardless of the outside weather, these toys will be sure to please your child. These are also great Christmas gift ideas for grandparents as they search for the best toy to give this Christmas.



Hunter Beck produces and sells his own line of unique toys by Ranger Press Toys. To see pictures and designs of completed Marshmallow Guns, go to Marshmallow Shooter Plans

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