"How To Succeed On The AP Literature Exam"

Are you looking for a preparation course for Advanced Placement English Literature & Composition test from a Christian worldview?

Do you want your student to know how to prepare for the AP exam?

Do you want your student to know what to expect when they take the AP exam?

You've come to the right place. This resource is written to students as if they were in Mary's classroom. Mary gives you detailed instructions to prepare for this exam. If you are a parent or teacher, use this resource as a model as you teach your students.

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Table of Contents

How to Use This Book
Introduction to the AP English Literature and Composition Exam
Frequently Asked Questions
Common AP Literature Exam Phrases Translated
Common Student Phrases to Avoid
Overview of Novels and Plays for AP English Literature and Composition

Free Response Question Three: Literary Techniques Applied to Novels and Plays
  Unit 1: Great Expectations Great Expectations Essay Assignments
  Unit 2: Richard III Richard III Essay Assignments
  Unit 3: The Scarlet Letter The Scarlet Letter Essay Assignments
  Unit 4: It’s Your Turn Essay Assignments
  Unit 5: Free Response Question One—Poetry Analysis
  Unit 6: Free Response Question Two—Prose Analysis
  Unit 7: Multiple Choice Practice

Appendix: Reference Pages (53 pages) 

Mary uses selections and examples different than those found in typical public school AP classes. This step-by-step syllabus is the best I've seen: a good literary analysis course for any high school student (even if the test is never taken) and an excellent preparation for the AP exam which offers widely accepted college credit.

~Andrew Pudewa
Excellence in Writing

This thorough, self-directed or teacher-led course offers step-by-step instructions in reading literature for depth of understanding and responding in written form. With guidance through carefully chosen works of literature, this course contains easy-to-follow lessons and essay assignments, evaluation and editing techniques, essay examples, and scoring rubrics.

An expanded reference section and a multiple-choice section supply students with the tools necessary for success on the AP English Literature Exam and in future writing assignments.

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6. Answer Key - (digital download for each of your own children)

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How To Succeed on the
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