12 Days of Christmas Special

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Last year I had a 12 Days of Christmas special that ran from Dec 25 until 12th Night on Jan 6.  In case you did not know, the 12 Days of Christmas are AFTER Christmas, not before Christmas.

Since I’m running a bit behind I wanted to run a special that relates to Epiphany (Jan 6).  Epiphany is our celebration of the Wise Men following the star of Bethlehem to worship Jesus.  We’ve been celebrating Epiphany on Jan 6 with a special meal for the past 4 years.  I’ll share that celebration meal tomorrow.

Today I want to offer you the chance to get our Star of Bethlehem Family Study Guide a significantly reduced rate (1/2 price).

Why, you might ask?

On December 23, I watched the Star of Bethlehem live presentation.  Once again, God used the information about the Star to remind me how AWESOME He is.  How miraculous His works are!  Reviewing the 9 clues into the mystery of the Star is inspiring.  Matthew 2 gives you so many details that we often overlook.

For that reason, I want to make this affordable for all families.  We’re slashing the price in 1/2.  I can’t think of a better way to bless Christians at this time of year.

When you grab a copy of our Star of Bethlehem Family Study Guide, you can print out as many copies as you need for your IMMEDIATE family.  January is a great time to do an astronomy study and really dig deep to discover what the Star was.

Grab your copy HERE

See what Cindy Rushton has to say about our Star of Bethlehem Family Study Guide:

The Study is Called Star of Bethlehem Bible Study Ebook. Not only is there a fresh focus on God’s AWESOME communication with us throughout time, but you will learn more astronomy than YEARS of study in a text! Kerry takes you deeply into the Word of God to dig out what God has to say about stars, astronomy, astrology, and neatest of all, how God used STARS to tell about His plan for salvation through Jesus Christ!

I am hoping to use this great info that we are uncovering to make a cute lapbook (unless it grows into a whole BOOK!) as our final project at the end of our study. If you are like me and find yourself a bit intimidated when thinking of Astronomy Studies, this is the book for you! AND…if you are looking for a great Bible Study, don’t wait!

~~Cindy Rushton, Rushton Family Ministries ~~

This special is available through the end of this week, Friday, Jan 7.  Click here to get your FAMILY study guide – one copy for each family member…only $9.97

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