It’s tomorrow…and you don’t want to miss it!

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Tomorrow Lee Binz, The HomeScholar will hold her special pre-launch webinar on creating amazing homeschool records that will blow away the colleges.  During that webinar she will be announcing the winner of her blog contest and be giving special “insider” instructions on how to win her special Fast Mover bonuses.

Sign up for webinar here:

Then, at 5 PM on Tuesday (Jan 25), Lee will launch her latest solution, The Comprehensive Record Solution exclusively to my readers at the very special promotional price of $97.  That’s $50 off the regular price of $147.    You can preview the offer now so that at 5 PM you will have all the information you need to JUMP on those Fast Mover Bonuses.  Just remember, the order button will go live at exactly 5 PM Pacific Time!

Here is the link:

Here’s a summary of what you get with The Comprehensive Record Solution:

Module 1: Encourage – Get the encouragement you need to start this project with confidence!  Three ebooks and one video will give you that motivation!
o    “Getting Acquainted” (Video or Audio Download)
o    “Why Bother Make a Comprehensive Record?” (Video or Audio Download)
o    The HomeScholar Sample Comprehensive Record E-book (PDF)
o    Samples of Success E-book (PDF)

Module 2: Equip – In this module, you will get the information you need to be completely equipped for the task!  These downloads give you the WORDS and the FORMAT to begin.
o    Comprehensive Record Template
o    Course Description Collection E-Book
o    HomeScholar Library of Standard Courses

Module 3: Educate – In this module, you will learn about course descriptions, and how exactly to put them together.
o    The Easy Truth About Course Descriptions E-book (PDF)
o    “Elements of a Comprehensive Record” (Video or Audio Download)
o    “Dealing with Special Situations” (Video or Audio Download)
o    “Submitting your Comprehensive Record to the Colleges” (Video or Audio Download)
o    “Turning Transcripts into Course Descriptions” (Video or Audio Download)
o    “How to Avoid Writing Course Descriptions” (Video or Audio Download)
o    “Putting it All Together” (Video or Audio Download)

Module 4: Empower
– In this module, Lee will be reviewing your work and give you valuable feedback that will build your confidence and empower you to complete this most important job.
o    four in-depth document reviews of the individual course descriptions you are developing.

Remember that EVERYONE who purchases will get these exciting bonuses!

Bonus 1 Making a High School Transcript Audio Course – a $15 value

Bonus 2 The “One-Hour Transcript” Workshop – - a $20 value.

Bonus 3 The HomeScholar High School Resource Pack – a $35 value.

Bonus 4 “Record Keeping” Video Training – a $20 value

Bonus 5  “Answers to Your Questions on Grades, Credits and Records” Audio and Video Training – a $20 value

Bonus 6  FREE trial membership in The Silver Training Club – valued at over $500

And she has the AMAZING Fast Mover Bonuses available only to the first 50 homeschool families who place an order!

Fast Mover Bonus 1
“Preparing to Homeschool High School” DVD (First 1) – a $57 value

Fast Mover Bonus 2
“Setting the Records Straight” Book (First 3) – a $25 value

Fast Mover Bonus 3
“Getting the BIG Scholarships” DVD (First 5) – a $20 value

Fast Mover Bonus 4
“Making the Grades” Online Training Class (First 9) – a $15 value

Fast Mover Bonus 5
“Planning High School Courses” Online Training Class (First 11) – a $15 value

Fast Mover Bonus 6
“Setting the Records Straight” $20 off coupon (first 25) – Value $20

You can view the entire offer here, but remember – the price on that sales page is the special promotional price that Lee is offering exclusively to my readers.  The price will return to the regular selling price of $147 on Friday 1/28.

Note that the order links will not be live until (exactly) 5 PM Pacific, and let’s get that time nailed down right now.  What exactly does 5 PM PACIFIC TIME mean to you?

Pacific……………..5:00 PM
Mountain…………… 6:00 PM
Central …………….7:00 PM
Eastern …………….8:00 PM

We will be following the clock on exactly.  If you have your heart set on those early responder bonuses, follow that clock, OK?

This is going to be great!  I am so excited to see who grabs these great bonuses!!

You’re going to want to read the entire offer because Lee’s included a lot of great homeschool high school information.

Good luck at the launch!!


PS.  Don’t forget to sign up for the pre-launch webinar where Lee will walk you through everything you need to know about making a comprehensive record that will accurately portray your homeschool and place your student in the best possible light.  Lee will also be announcing the winner of her blog contest who will win a Free Copy of the Comprehensive Record Solution

Sign up for webinar here:

PS.  The 8th video in Lee’s series on homeschool records takes you on a complete tour of our Comprehensive Record Solution and shows you some of the extra special features.  Lee gives you a sneak peak of exactly what you will receive when you order.  Watch the video here.

How You Can Win a FREE Copy…

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- Are you stressed about homeschooling high school because of what comes AFTER high school?

- Are you worried about how you will ever convince the universities that your humble homeschool provided a great education?

- Are you concerned that your students won’t get the credit they deserve for all the hard work all of you put into your homeschool?

You are NOT alone!

All homeschool parents share these insecurities.  Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, did as well.  Yet when they graduated from homeschooling high school they were both awarded FULL-TUITION SCHOLARSHIPS to their first choice university!  That bit of news saved their family OVER $184,000!!

Boy, there was a celebration that day!!

What made the difference?  How did Lee and her husband Matt go from massive insecurity to unbounded joy?  After speaking in depth to the university who gave them those fabulous awards, it became clear that what opened the door ~ the comprehensive records they provided when their student’s applied.

Those records convinced the colleges that their students were not only READY for college, but they were also REAL and they were RIGHT.

Are they READY?  Are they REAL?  Are they RIGHT?

Answering these three questions is the biggest challenge parents face in convincing the universities to give their students admission and scholarships.

On January 25 at 5 PM Pacific Lee is going to prove to you why a comprehensive record is the most effective way to overcome this challenge.  That is the day she is offering her Comprehensive Record Solution to my readers at a very special promotional price, much lower than is shown on the offer page above.

Just prior to the launch, at 4PM Pacific Time, Lee will be holding a FREE, information-packed webinar all about how to prepare homeschool records that will BLOW AWAY the colleges.  You are not going to want to miss that webinar, which will include all of the details of her special offer.

Watch the clock!  The time is EXACT, according to!

Why is it important to make a note of that precise time?  Because Lee has told me about some AMAZING extra bonuses for the first group of homeschoolers to order this program.  So be ready right at launch time, because these bonuses will go FAST!!  I will be releasing more details in the days to come but you will be amazed at the extra helpful tools and training this first group of lucky customers will receive.

Comprehensive Record Solution

But even if you aren’t one of the early responders, you are going to receive some GREAT bonuses.  It’s all part of Lee’s MASTER PLAN to help ALL homeschooling families to feel confident about the high school years!

Until next time,
Kerry Beck
Christian Parenting Assoc, Director


Lee’s hosting a contest on her blog and giving away a FREE copy of the Comprehensive Record Solution!  You won’t want to miss this opportunity to be one of the first to snag this amazing resource.   While you’re on her blog, check out video series on homeschool records.  In them she reveals the exact process she went through to create those fabulous scholarship winning records.  You’re not going to want to miss this!  She will be revealing the blog contest winner during her pre-launch webinar.  You don’t want to miss that!

PPS.  Don’t forget to register for Lee’s special pre-launch webinar being held on January 25 at 4 PM Pacific.  Lee will share how she used her student’s comprehensive records to open the doors that led to those massive full-tuition scholarships.  Register here:

Excellence in Literature – What’s this?

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At first glance, I wasn’t sure about Janice Campbell’s new book, Excellence in Literature.  But when I began reading the introduction and all the material available for high school students to use in literature studies, I was sold on the program.

Mrs. Campbell has done an excellent job of creating a college-prep course that high school students can use independently.  Let’s face it, by the time a student is in high school, teachers should not be spoon-feeding them.  Students should assume responsibility for leaning and use Excellence in Literature (EIL) as a guide for their study routine.  Not only is this my belief, this is Campbell’s belief as stated in the Overview.

Check out this video to learn more:

In this guide, you will find a wide variety of helps for high school literature.  Let me share just a few:

  • Specific instructions for each assignment
  • Suggested schedule to follow for each piece of literature
  • References for background & research of each work
  • Time management & organization tips
  • Specific tips on how to read a book (Fiction, Poetry, Tragedy, Comedy, Challenging Literature)
  • Variety of writing topics for each piece

Most of the work in this course is done by the student.  Parents & teachers come alongside to guide and evaluate the student’s writings and readings.  That saves moms & teachers a lot of time!

I wish there was a course like this when my children were in high school.  I would definitely had used it because it would make it very easy for me to “teach” literature in high school.

Since the parent/teacher is not actively teaching, the student is responsible for “learning” or discovering what each literature piece is all about.  To summarize, students will

  • Study the book, following the scheduled assignments
  • Ask their mentor when they don’t understand
  • Actively seek to learn from each assignment
  • Complete each assignment
  • Make no excuses! (I really like this one)
  • Enjoy Fine Literature (Of course, I love this!)

If you are following the Leadership Education/Thomas Jefferson Education model, Excellence in Literature is a perfect complement for the Scholar stage.  Janice provides just enough guidelines for students to get started, but leaves it open-ended enough to allow students to learn on their own.  One particular section I think is pertinent to Scholar phase students is the section on discerning worldviews in literature.  This helps your Scholar student understand what the worldview of that time period is so he can better study the piece of literature at hand.

If you are following a Classical model of education, you will find literature that is truly classic.  Your students will use their independent learning skills to enjoy and study great works of literature.  As they read these pieces, they should grown in their love of learning.

I believe Charlotte Mason would endorse this guide, too.  Ms. Mason wholeheartedly believed in literature based education.  EIL uses literature that are truly “living books”.  This literature provides opportunities to discuss lessons that pertain to our lives today.  Thus, making them living books you will want to read  & discuss with your children.

For each unit, Mrs. Campbell shares the edition of the text she recommends, as well as additional texts you may use for honor students.  The background information she provides includes the literary period, a unit focus, an introduction (short), something to think about, and something to be sure to notice.  Context resources cover the readings itself, the author’s life, and poetry/poets of that time period.  Enrichment resources include music, audio books, videos, visual arts, historical context, places to go, and just for fun.

Finally, your student has the assignment schedule for that unit.  The schedule is divided by weeks and includes reading & writing assignments.  As the parent or teacher, you should check the progress of your students each week and guide them through their writing projects.

As a bonus, you will receive some fantastic extras in the back of this book.

  • An Honors Program is outlined for those families who want to go over & above this college-prep course.
  • Formats & Models provides sample formats for the different writing projects assigned throughout the year. Not only will you have an outline or model of what your student should consider for each paper, you will receive samples (or models) of each type of writing.
  • Excellence in Literature Evaluation Rubric gives the mentor a specific checklist to use in evaluating the student’s writing. If you use IEW now, you can use the additional Evaluation Rubric for IEW students.
  • Student Evaluation Summary is a chart you can use throughout the year to record progress. It specifically records the mentor’s evaluation of writing projects.
  • The Glossary defines terms for the students as they study Literature.
  • Selected Resources are additional resources the mentor or student may want to use in their study of British literature.

Overall, Excellence in Literature is a superb guide for high school students to use with their mentor/parent/teacher.  It encourages responsibility of the student as he studies & enjoys literature.

If there is a weakness in this program, it would be the idea of not encouraging the mentor to read & discuss the literature pieces with their student.  This is easily overcome because Janice gives some great “things to consider” and ideas to think critically about in the writing assignments.  I would encourage mentors to use the ideas in each unit as a basis for verbal discussion.  If your students struggle with the writing assignment, be sure to verbally discuss the assignment so they can get ideas out of their head.

Click Here to PURCHASE:

Click Here to READ MORE:

Save Thousands On Your Kids’ College Degree

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Many of you know my lovely daughter Ashley. She runs my webinars, answers my email at times, builds websites for our business students, etc.

But did you know that she got her 4 year college degree in half the time and for less than $15K! That’s right, a fully accredited degree for under $15K. Wow, that’s what most students pay for a semester or two!

I want to let you in on a secret that colleges don’t want you to know about. Steve and I used an innovative program called CollegePlus! to help our daughter Ashley earn her accredited bachelor’s degree in just 18 months for under $15,000!!!  Best of all, Ashley was able to continue her role with FamilyEbiz & Curriculum, as well as gain invaluable hands on training during this time.

Now we’d like to introduce you to this same program, even if your kids are not thinking about college.  I wish we had thought about college long before our kids were in high school.  So, I’d like to invite you to a free webinar NEXT Tuesday, January 20, 2009 at 6 PM Pacific to get all the details.

For years now, Woody Robertson and his team at CollegePlus! have been helping students and professionals earn their fully accredited bachelor’s degree for under $15,000. These techniques have been around for decades but have only recently gotten notice because of skyrocketing college tuition.

Because of what some call the “college racket”, the average grad walks away from college $21,000 in debt. These days, students are forced to stay on campus longer than ever and college tuition and credit fees are through the roof.  Ashley doesn’t have any debt from her college expenses because we used College Plus approach to saving money on college.

But there’s an answer and it doesn’t involve taking out more loans or navigating the confusing labyrinth of federal financial aid.

Now you’re probably thinking, “Who are these guys, one of those diploma mills?” There’s no need to worry! The regionally accredited degrees we help our students get are from state colleges. With these degrees, students can confidently enter the workforce or go to the graduate program of their choice whether that’s business school, a liberal arts program, or law school.  I know because Ashley will graduated in February with her marketing degree.

Let Woody show you how to knock out 25% off your degree for under $400. That’s right, a quarter of your degree for $400 and get those 30 credits in just a few months of study!

Don’t miss out on this education revolution! Space is limited.
Confirm your spot today by registering at

Kerry Beck

ps.  Your hosts will be my dear hubby, Stephen Beck and his friend from College Plus, Woody Robertson

pps.  Regardless of where you are in your homeschooling experience, this is for you.  Register right here.

Tips for Studying Christmas Around the World

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When I taught public school for six years, I always taught a unit
at Christmas time. One of my biggest motivations for a
Christmas unit was the opportunity to share the story of Christ’s
birth. Each year I began my Christmas unit with the true story
of Christmas. Then, I moved to traditions of countries around
the world. By having a Christmas Around the World unit study, I
was able to talk to my students about Christ and His coming to
the world.

To study Christmas Around the World, here are a few tips.

1. Take a break from your regular schedule and enjoy the
Christmas season with your children. There are so many
activities you can incorporate into your holidays that are
educational. Go ahead; you have permission to put away your
regular studies and learn something important about Christ’s

2. Choose the countries you wish to study.
3. Find activities and recipes that relate to that country’s
4. Choose books and/or sites that correlate to each country you
choose to study. You may choose one a day, or one every few days,
or one a week, whatever works with your schedule and family!

Since St. Nicholas Day is in a few days, I thought I’d share it’s
legend from Germany. Before sharing German customs, you should
find Germany on the globe or map. Also, look up the way you say
“Merry Christmas” in German. There are several Christmas
traditions we have from Germany, but I will only share St.
Nicholas Day.

Germany begins celebrating Christmas on St. Nicholas Day,
December 6. Children leave a shoe or boot outside their door
when they go to sleep on December 5. St. Nicholas, patron saint
of children, moves from one house to another, carrying a book of
sins in which all the misdeeds of children are recorded.
Depending on how good a child is, St. Nicholas fills the shoes
with goodies. Good children receive gifts or delicious holiday
edibles. Bad children receive twigs in their shoes.

You might want to add this tradition to your annual customs. Or,
you may want to celebrate St. Nicholas Day, German-style, just
this year. Have your children put their shoes outside their
bedroom door. At night, put some candy, fruit or small toy in
the shoes.

A favorite sweet from Germany is Lebkuchen. Enjoy making it with
your children.

Lebkuchen (Germany)
4 Tbs honey
¼ cup butter or margarine
1 ½ flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/3 cup brown sugar
¼ cup cocoa
2 tsp ginger
1 tsp allspice
1 egg
½ cup powdered sugar
1 Tbs lemon juice

Preheat oven at 400 F.

Put honey, sugar and butter in pan on low heat, until butter
melts. Take pan off heat and let cool.

Sift flour, baking powder, cocoa, ginger and allspice in bowl.
Add egg yolk and set egg white aside.

Mix warm honey, butter, and sugar into flour with metal spoon.
With clean hands, squeeze mixture into a ball. Add few drops
water if it won’t stick together.

Roll mixture on floured board until it is ¼ inch thick. Cut
shapes with cookie cutters.

Make a hole at the top of each cookie. Lift cookies onto greased
cookie sheet and bake for 10 minutes.
Let cookies cool on wire rack. Sift powdered sugar in bowl. Mix
2 tsp of egg white and lemon juice to make icing.
Add food coloring if you want. Spoon icing into icing bag.
Squeeze bag over each cookie, making patterns with the icing.
When the icing dries, thread ribbons through hole of your
lebkuchen. Hang up or eat them now.

Christmas Around the World is an excellent study at this time of
year. Choose this unit study and your children will learn
geography, math, writing, reading, music, literature and history.
Your children will have so much fun, they won’t even know they
are learning!

To save you some time, I’ve compiled a special book, Christmas
Around the World. To read more about it, and Family Christmas
Traditions, click here:

If you already signed up for our Advent Countdown and Special Report, you already have a direct link to the Christmas Around the World Unit Study

© Kerry Beck, 2007
You have permission to reprint this article, as long as you don’t make any changes and include the bio below.
Kerry Beck wants to give you a free Advent Countdown to use in your Christmas & Advent celebration this year. Her package will also include Christmas around the world unit study.

Links for Woody’s Interview

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Just click on the title to learn more!

Accelerated Distance Learning

College Plus! Get $50 discount with our promo code 4061, Plus you receive 4 months membership on our Raising Leaders Gold Team ($60 value)
Feel free to post questions on my blog and I will try to include them in our interview. – Excelsior – Thomas Edison
Charter Oak State College

I Want to Encourage You in Practical Skill Training

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A few weeks ago, I began an article about teaching your children practical skills. I continue that article today. I’ve been thinking alot about this recently. Have you?

Does your child have practical skills?

If you spend most of your time “in the book”, you might re-consider your approach to homeschooling. Although I highly praise reading classics and teaching “how to think” with books, I believe there is a balance. Don’t neglect teaching your child practical skills for the future.

Before I get to my regular article, I want to mention a few ways we are encouraging you to teach practical skills.

1. Listen to my Interview of Woody Robertson, College Plus!

On Thursday, Jan. 25th I am interviewing Woody Robertson about life planning and college. I realize that most people equate
books & college. But Woody has a different way to get a degree that can apply your child’s internship (practical skills) to his
college degree. WOW! I know because my 18 year old daughter just entered their program we are saving time and money as she
earns her degree. If you want to join me on the interview, click here: college/#more-73

2.  Attend Free Workshops
Every Tuesday in January & February, my husband, Stephen, continues to interview experts on building an online business so you will
have more time, money and freedom. Talk about practical skills!!
These interviews are free and full of content.
Profitable Home Based Businesses

Last night (Tuesday, Jan 22) Steve interviewed Craig Perrine about developing relationships with your customers through email.
Craig is a former homeschool dad and an all-around good guy. Most of all, he is the online king when it comes to email. You
can listen to a recording of Steve’s interview here:
Christian Home Businesses

You will also have access to experts about free publicity for your business, using the press, writing a page on your site that
really sells your product.

Hey, there are 4 more weeks of these free workshops. After you request the training calls, you will receive an email that tells you where to listen to the recordings. This is one of my favorite ways to integrate practical skills with “book” learning with my own children…our family online businesses.

3.  Attend a Live Conference in your child’s area of interest.

My children benefit greatly from attending a weekend seminar with Steve or I.

If you or your teen want to start a successful business, you should join us at our FamilyEbiz Expo in San Antonio on Feb 23-24, 2007.  You can read all about it here:
Christian Home Business

One of the most important things you can do for your children is give them practical skills so they can make a choice about
their career. Your kids should have the choice between working for themselves or depending on someone else for a pay check.
How can you prepare them with the right skills? What skills should you teach? Why should you give your children practical


A Full 4-Year College Education Under $10,000…Interested??

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Almost every week I receive an email asking me what we do after high school. Everyone’s children are growing up, even yours. And there are so many questions about their future.

What is your child’s life purpose?
How can your child fulfill his or her life purpose?
Should your child go away for college?
Should your child attend college at all?
Should your child find an alternative to college?
Should your child skip college and get a job?
Should your child save some money and then enroll in college?
How much does college cost these days?
Are those college classes really beneficial?
What kind of worldview do most colleges offer in their classes?

The list goes on & on & on…

I’ve written a lot of emails in response to these questions, but now I have a special treat for you. I will be interviewing Woody Robertson about life purpose and the possibilities with college this Thursday, January 25th. No matter how old your children are, you need to listen to Woody so your children are prepared when they finish homeschool.

Who is Woody?
No, he’s not the guy in Toy Story! Woody Robertson, a first generation home-school graduate, earned his accredited BSBA in General Management in fifteeen months of study for a total cost of under $5,500 through Distance Learning.
No! That is not a typo..15months, $5500 and a college degree

Read the rest…

Practical Skills

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What’s the future for your children…after they finish homeschooling?


Any and all of these are good answers.  Over the next few weeks, I will write and talk about each of these.  Whether you have young children or teens about to graduate, you should be praying about your kids’ future.  In January and February I will share ideas on preparing your children for life after homeschooling.Besides my regular newsletter, I have some workshops and interviews for you.

1. I am working on an interview with Woody Robertson of College Plus!  My 18 year old daughter just entered their program and I want to share a very cool way to save time and money as your children earn a college degree.  Watch your email for details.

2. Every Tuesday in January & February, my husband is interviewing experts on building an online business so you will have more time, money and freedom.  These interviews are free and full of content.  You and your teenager must listen to these interviews if you want a website that actually makes sales.

Tomorrow night (Tuesday, Jan 9) Steve will interview Ray Edwards. You will learn how to write a sales letter about your product, so customers can’t wait to click the buy button.  Ray is an expert at direct response copywriting, as well as a Christian entrepreneur.

You can listen to Ray’s interview by surfing over to Steve’s website:  and signing up for 7 hours of FREE training calls.  After you request the training calls, you will be transferred to a page about our FamilyEbiz Expo with more about Ray Edwards.

3. One of the most important things you can do for your children is give them practical skills so they can make a choice about their career.  Your kids should have the choice between working for themselves or depending on someone else for a pay check.

How can you prepare them with the right skills?
What skills should you teach?
Why should you give your children practical skills?

Read the article below to discover some answers to these questions.