Breaking News: The Birth of a Blog!

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Friends, I wanted to let you know about a new blog that I have put up through WordPress.  It’s for all of you creative, industrious, and savvy home-based businessmen and women out there, who are looking to channel your know how into a successful internet business.

As some of you know, my husband Steve and I have started and successfully operated a number of online businesses.  And we are eager to pass that know how on to anyone who needs it.

Check out my new blog, where I’ll be posting helpful articles about how to start an internet business:  And then leave a comment and let me know what you think.


P.S.  This is information you can use to help your teen learn how to start and run a business!  It really is so easy!

I Credit All My Success To This One Tool

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woman-happy-computerI credit all my success in life to God. But if I had to choose one TOOL that has been responsible for my success online, it would be WEBINARS. Plain and simple.
And I want to show you how to start using Webinars in your own business …both online and offline! 


You are invited to an absolutely free, live webinar I’m holding THIS Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 6:00pm (Pacific Time), especially for you, my customers and subscribers.

On this groundbreaking free event, using the latest webinar technology, I will reveal the webinar models that have skyrocketed my online business exponentially …webinar models that you can take and use IMMEDIATELY after the webinar!

BUT, most importantly…I’ll reveal how you can use Webinars to EASILY and QUICKLY build a list, create a product, land a big joint venture partner and pre-qualify those you should concentrate your time and marketing dollars on!

Plus not only will you be able to HEAR us, but you’ll also SEE and WATCH it happening in real time on your computer screen, complete with real examples and case studies! (And it doesn’t matter what connection speed you have or even if you have a PC or Mac.)

Properly applied, the strategies revealed during this event will allow you to experience more freedom and income than you have ever dreamed possible! Webinars are the MOST EFFECTIVE way to sell products online …bar none!

We only have 400 spots for this event. So it’s a sure bet this webinar will FILL completely.

Claim your spot here while you can:

Don’t delay and kick yourself later.Sincerely,    

Stephen Beck

P.S. – I have never taught this information before. I wanted you
to be the first to hear one of my biggest online secrets!

P.S.S. – I have something VERY special cooked up for those who
attend the webinar LIVE. It will be worth your while to be on
this webinar, I guarantee it!

Research, Writing & Computer Lessons This Year..

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I’m going to make this short and sweet…

On Tuesday night, Steve & I shared a way you can teach your kids research skills, writing skills, computer skills and entrepreneurial skills.  We also told you about our course that integrates all of these skills into 8 weeks.

It’s called “8 Weeks To Profits” and is available TODAY, September 4, at 12:00 NOON (Central Time). If you visit the website BEFORE 12:00 NOON (Central Time), you will see a countdown clock.

But at EXACTLY 12:00 Noon TODAY, REFRESH your browser and you
will see the live sales page where you can read all about the
course (and purchase it!)

What is “8 Weeks To Profits”? It’s a step by step video course
that will help you create your very own online business.
Some of the homeschool skills you can teach your kids are
Research on the internet
Writing Process to write a book
Writing articles to publish
Writing press releases
Business skills to market and sell your book
Computer skills to create a website
…and much more

You can work through these skills in 8 weeks.  Of course, you can take longer with your own kids.

To watch our “8 Weeks To Profits” Launch & Get Tuesday’s Free Webinar,sign up here:

After you sign up, you’ll be taken directly to our Launch Page
that has our webinar replay button.

And you will WANT to be at the web site at NOON because of the
great Fast Mover Bonuses we have for you. Those who act quickly will receive several goodies we’ve pulled together for you.  Here they are:

FIRST 3 FAST MOVERS! Secrets To Building Sites That Sell -
Discover how to overcome all the technical hurdles of developing
a website for physical products (Value $447)

FIRST 4 FAST MOVERS! Midwest Super Conference – A ticket to one
of the best internet marketing conferences of the year. And Kerry
and I will be speaking there! Put your Internet business on the
fast track and learn from 14 pros! (Value $697)

FIRST 11 FAST MOVERS! Free One-on-One Strategy Consultation with
Stephen Beck – You receive a total of 60 minutes consultation
about your information product or any aspect of your online
business. (Value $500)

FIRST 34 FAST MOVERS! Private Label Rights Package – 4 Private
Label Rights Products in popular niches that you can start
selling immediately. Some even come with a website template!
(Value $97)

FIRST 59 FAST MOVERS! 17 Simple But Deadly Effective Email
Marketing Tweaks – Want emails that get your visitors to whip out
their wallets and buy your products? Then this is the ebook you
need to read! (Value $47)

FIRST 73 FAST MOVERS! Google Adwords For Newbies – Google Adwords
is one of the most effective ways of getting traffic to your
site. And it is also one of the most confusing tools to learn.
This ebook takes the mystery out of Google Adwords! (Value $37)

FIRST 99 FAST MOVERS! Secrets of Monthly Continuity Webinar -
Stephen will host a webinar & share his secrets to successful
monthly continuity – how to set it up, where to find content, and
much more. (Value $97)

Special Bonus – Everyone Who Purchases BEFORE Sunday at MIDNIGHT
(Eastern) How To Start Your Own Business…for Families and Teens
- Our popular DVD series to give you an overview of starting your
own business. (Value $97)

***To recap, visit the launch page at launch time and REFRESH
your browser. You will see the sales page and be able to purchase
the course at that time.

To watch our “8 Weeks To Profits” Launch & Get our Free Webinar,sign up here:

After you sign up, you’ll be taken directly to our Launch Page
that has our webinar replay button.

Alternatively, you can call our office TODAY, September 4, at
12:00 NOON (Central Time) and we will take your order then. Here
are the phone numbers: 979-703-5724 or 979-703-5343.

Please only call to make a purchase as there will be lots of
people going after the Fast Mover Bonuses!

See you in a couple of hours!

Kerry Beck

ps.  If you already signed up for Tuesday’s webinar…you received an email with the DIRECT LINK to the launch page.  Be there at 12 noon.

Only 7 more hours

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Hi again !

Are you doing anything special to ring in the new year?  I think we will have a quiet evening for the first time in a couple of years.  In the past, we’ve had a party for our kids and their friends.

Before 2007 ends, I wanted to remind you that you can invest in some great education to expand your online business in 2008.  If you invest today, you can save 30, 40 & even 50% on these great courses that overcome the “techie barrier” and show you how to set up a website, sell on ebay at huge profits, make your own CD product, and many other topics that are overwhelming to a busy parent like you!
FamilyEbiz Specials

Hurry and get your copy because the massive sale discounts end at 9pm TONIGHT (Monday, Dec 31, 2007).


ps.  Watch your email this week for my first 2008 email about changes ‘acoming!

pps.  Only 7 more hours to invest in you and your kids’ family business education and save up to $200!

FamilyEbiz Specials