Good Deeds

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We in American can attain our great destiny only by service; not by rhetoric, and above all not by insincere rhetoric, and that dreadful mental double-dealing and verbal juggling which makes promises and repudiates them, and says one thing at one time, and the directly opposite thing at another time. Our service must be the service of deeds.
-Theodore Roosevelt.

As homeschool moms, we can get so wrapped up in books and academics, we forget what really makes a difference – Good Works!

When is the last time you did “good deeds” by serving your neighbors or the poor in your city? Your kids will not learn to serve others, just by reading stories about service. They must participate in serving others (Christians and non-Christians) now, so it is a habit when they leave your home.

Is Writing Easy or Hard?

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Writing is horribly hard work to me; and I make slow progress. My style is very rough and I do not like a certain lack of sequitur that I do not seem to be able to get out of it.
-Theodore Roosevelt


Even the President of the United States has a hard time writing at times! And he’s an author, too!

I find this comforting and inspirational. Writing is difficult for me, too. And I know my kids still struggle with it. I continue to search for tools that will make their writing better and fun to do.

My favorite tool to teach writing is Andrew Pudewa’s writing program. Once my kids finished structure & style, I moved them into some essay writing guides. You can’t go wrong with any of Andrew’s guides.

The Strenuous Life

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Did you know that Teddy Roosevelt wrote dozens of books? He was a voracious reader and prolific writer…something I aspire to be! One of his books was called The Strenuous Life and I hope to get my hands on a copy soon so I can read it. Here’s what TR says about the strenuous life.

I wish to preach not the doctrine of ignoble ease but the doctrine of the strenuous life; the life of toil and effort; of labor and strife; to preach that highest form of success which comes not to the man who desires mere easy peace but to the man who does not shrink from danger, hardship,or from the bitter toil, and who out of these wins the splendid ultimate triumph.

BTW, “leaders are those who make the most of every moment, of every opportunity, and of every available resource” (TRoosevelt). Are you raising your children to lead? Are you helping them make the most of the opportunities and resources available to them?

Need some guidance to develop leaders? Here’s some help: Raising Leaders

Books, Books, Books – Old or New???

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I am more apt to read old books than new ones.

I am old-fashioned, or sentimental, or something about books. Whenever I read one I want, in the first place, to enjoy myself, and, in the next place, to feel that I am a little better and not a little worse for having read it.
-Theodore Roosevelt

I often tell my students (moms & kids), “To lead, you must read”. It’s a maxim that Roosevelt lived by. Not only did he exercise his body, he exercised his mind. At one time, he read 5 books a week. My son thinks that is crazy, but I am inspired by it. I’m working on one book a week this year…

Do you love books, but you’re intimidated to teach them to your kids? Here’s some help that is valuable…Teaching The Classics

Family Love Matters

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There is need to develop all the virtues that have the state for their sphere of action; but these virtues are as dust in a windy street unless back of them lie the strong and tender virtues of a family life based upon the love of the one man for the one woman and on their joyous and fearless acceptance of their common obligation to their children that are theirs.

-Theodore Roosevelt

Carry A Big Stick

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I just finished reading Carry A Big Stick: The Uncommon Heroism of Theodore Roosevelt, by George Grant I’m reading it with my kids as we study the early twentieth century. We started reading it several years ago and just finished the first part-his biography. I was fascinated with the rest of the book as it analyzes his character and legacy. Over the next few weeks, I will share some of my favorite quotes. Here’s my first one:

Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far. It sounds rather as if that were but a homely old adage, yet as is often the case with matters of tradition, this truism is actually true.