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Martin Luther King Day

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What should you do today?

Martin Luther King


1.  Read the story of MLK so your kids become aware of his movement

2.  Discuss the definition of prejudice.  Brainstorm ways you can dvelop friends & learn from people of different races or political persuasions.

3.  Discuss your dreams and goals for your family.  Use these quotes:

If you can dream it, you can do it.  ~ Walt Disney

Nothing much happens without a dream.  For something really great to happen, it takes a really great dream.  ~ Robert Greenleaf

Without a vision, the people perish.  ~ Proverbs 29!8

4.  Check out books from the library.  This week, learn about cultures of children from different nationalities.

5.  Attend a local event.

Thanksgiving: Turkey, Turkey & More Turkey

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Turkey, with all the trimmings . . . Turkey Facts. . .

250 million . . .

That’s the estimated number of turkeys raised in the US the past 2 years.  They weighed about 7.9 billion pounds, with an estimated value of $4.5 billion., according to the US Census Bureau.

3 . . .

Three places in the US named after turkeys.

Turkey, Texas – 456 residents
Turkey Creek, Louisiana – 361 residents
Turkey, NC – 272 residents

109 . .

Turkey consumption has increased 109 percent in the past 40 years because of the health benefits have been recognized.

Political Turkeys

Not just the common man eats turkey…turkeys are also eaten in the White House.  In 1947 the National Turkey Federation presented the President with a live turkey & 2 dressed turkeys for Thanksgiving.  After the ceremony, the live turkey travels to Disneyland to live permanently.

30 Days – Start A New Thanksgiving Tradition

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Tired of turkey?  Sick of stuffing?  Yawning over yams?  Looking for a new tradition?  Liven up your Thanksgiving this year with a new tradition.  Try one of these, if you like:

1. It’s a Party, Charlie Brown

Houseful of guests you don’t remember inviting?  Follow the lead of Charlie Brown.  Serve the traditional Charlie Brown Thanksgiving food – buttered toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn & jellybeans.  If your guests are hoping for dinner, use thes eas appetizers.

Charlie Brown served his meal on a ping pong table in the backyard…just an idea!  After dinner, play a rousing game of football.

2.  Melting Pot Munches

If traditional Thanksgiving fare isn’t for you, try some other cultures that make up this country.  Spreada world map for the tablecloth.  Or, cut it into placemat size pieces.  Laminate.  Serve one dish from each continent for an elegant seven-course meal.  Check out epicurious.com for “around teh world in 80 days” inspiration.

Find CDs from around the world…at your library.  Dust off Trivial Pursuit for after dinner.  Test your knowledge of world history, world geography & entertainment.

3.  Mayflower Meal

Most of today’s Thanksgiving foods were not eaten at the first Thanksgiving meal.  Try a new tradition with the old dinner.  Throw a party like the Pilgrims had in 1621.  In addition to turkey, serve meas such as venison, cod & bass.  Side dishes include sourdough bread baked in a round pan,  Quarter onions and boil with raisins, sugar, egg, vinegar & serve.  You can also boil spinach.  After draining, serve with currants, butter, sugar & vinegar.  For dessert, serve a prune tart seasoned with rosemary, rosewater, cinnamon & sugar.  If that doesn’t sound yummy, stew diced pumpkin and season with ginger, cinnamon, butter & vinegar. Serve in a bowl, not a pastry shell.

Your table should consist of wooden plates & bowls, linen napkins and NO forks.  After dinner try some 1621 activities, such as Marbles, Blind Man’s Bluff and Tag.

4.  Turkey Touchdown

If football is your favorite activity on Thanksgiving, have  tailgate party on Thanksgiving.  Serve turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, raw veggies/dips, and even pumpkin cookis for dessert.

Go casual on the table, covering with a picnic tablecloth and heavy duty paper plates.  After watching the pros play,  go outside and play your own football game.

adapted from The Eagle, shopbrazos.cocm

Raising Godly Leaders with Christian Homeschooling Efforts

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In Christian homeschooling, parents often want to train their children to be leaders instead of followers.  As we look to the Bible,  David always stands out as one we can follow as an example of a godly leader.  What makes David a great leader?
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Thought You’d Like This

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Hey there…

I’ve had an interesting week.  After I presented the webinar on Tuesday night (Start School Right), I was in 2 Bible Studies that reiterated points I had made.  Let me share, in hopes they will encourage you to raise your children to be leaders for Christ.

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Freebies for Homeschooled Families

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I have another freebie for you (homeschooled families) …but before I get to the freebie,  I need to ask you…

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You can win a copy of my homeschool program…

Raising Leaders, Not Followers!

All you have to do to enter, is post a comment sharing how one of my blog posts encouraged/helped you OR post a topic you would like me to cover on my blog this year. It’s really that simple to enter our contest.
I’ll be announcing the winner tonight!

NOW….to help you Start School Right this Year…

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Homeschooled Teaching Technique #4

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Today we continue with our last homeschooled teaching technique of the week.


Independent Learning Strategies in Your High School Homeschooled Child

When your children are young, you have the perfect opportunity to provide a firm character foundation.  Not only should you ground your children in strong character, you should begin to develop a lifelong love of learning in your homeschooled child.  Both of these are essential for your children to become leaders of the future.

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Homeschooled Teaching Technique #3

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Today we have our third installation of four homeschooled teaching techniques – you can begin using today’s teaching technique immediately.

Discover Learning Strategies As Your Homeschooled Child Shifts to Independent Learning

As mentioned in earlier articles, it is imperative for you to develop strong character qualities and a love of learning.  Both of these qualities are important for homeschooled students and future leaders.  Without the character to stand against the tide and the ability to keep learning when circumstances look bleak, your children will not become leaders. Read the rest…

Blog Candy — Win a FREE Homeschool Package

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I’m having another contest and you can win my Raising Leaders package (3 ebooks, audios & more), chock full of ideas to use this year in your homeschool.  How can you win?

I want this blog to be helpful to you this homeschool year, so let me know what topics you would like me to cover.  You can post a comment about one of these areas:

1.  A post from this blog that was encouraging or helpful to you

2.  A topic you would like addressed on this blog.

I will randomly pick a winner on our webinar next Tuesday, September 20th.


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