Thanksgiving & Christmas Holiday Memories

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Picture 8

Preserve photographic memories of Thursday’s get-together by creating & sharing an album on  It’s my favorite place to upload pics to share with friends & family.

After I upload them, I post our family pics to my personal blog Having a personal blog is another easy way to share holiday memories with your loved ones.

Another route is using facebook. All my kids have a facebook account and they can upload pics for everyone to enjoy.

Or make a photo calendar for 2011 now and you’ll keep on enjoying 2010.  That’s what I did last year and I’m starting my calendar for 2011 over the Thanksgiving holidays.  Use Shutterfly.  Take a look at pages from last year’s calendar:

Picture 1 Picture 4Picture 3

My 10 Favorite Books of 2008

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My favorite books for last year were a mixture of series fiction, historical fiction, biographies and business books.  I try to alternate what I’m reading.

You can get details about all these books on my shelfari page:

Be sure to sign up as my friend.  We can share book choices that way.

Here’s my list…

10.  Just David - I reread this from several years ago.  Great story!

9.  A Man Called Peter - After re-reading Christy this year, I read several of Catherine Marshall’s books.  All were wonderful, but I really enjoyed learning more about her husband, Peter, a true man of God.

8.  Choices: For Women Who Long to Do Better – Great encouragement for you to take care of your family & kids as a high priority.  Who else will do it, if you don’t?

7.  Ultimate Sales Machine – I read this twice this year. great lists & systems for a successful business.

6.  Ben Franklin: America’s Original Entrepreneur – Actually this is Ben Franklin’s Autobiography.  I bought this for brother-in-law several years ago and got a copy for myself.  Finally getting around to discovering more about a true leader in America’s beginning.

5.  Made in America: Sam Walton – I have a new respect for WalMart and Sam now.

4.  Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind Series - I read the 1st book in this series after Christmas day.  It’s a fun series and I’m hooked.  Already read the 1st 3 books and have the 4th one on my bedside table for tonight.

3.  Quiet Strength - What an incredible man Tony Dungy is.  Yes, I love football, but Dungy’s testimony is fabulous.  I’m looking forward to the Colts’ wild card game this week.  If you have sports fans in your home, this is a must read.

2.  Miracles Happen: Timeless Principles of Mary Kay - I’ve heard of Mary Kay since I was a child.  I’ve bought her products for the past 10 years.  Now, I know the “real story” of the “pink” company & its founder.  Mary Kay is a phenomenal lady who rose from rags to riches.  She is also an great Christan testimony in the business community.

1.  At Home in Mitford & All the Mitford Books – My friends loved this series when it was published, but I never read it.  Once I read the first book, I read all of them in about 2 months.  Why do I love this series?  1. It’s fun  2.  It’s spiritually encouraging  3. It’s a great example of series fiction which is one of the reasons I started reading it.  I was analyzing what makes a good series with a huge following.  If you haven’t read about Father Tim and his life in Mitford, you are in for a real treat!

*** Leave a comment and tell me your favorite book(s) for 2008

Paper Bag Notebook

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Yes, you read that right!
Your child can make a notebook from paper bags and record what he has learned this week! Doesn’t that sound like fun???

All you have to do is choose the subject area you want to notebook and gather the materials. Then, your child can have fun “learning” and “recording”. He won’t even know he’s doing “school.

Click here to get the Paper Bag Notebook directions

Or, you can make the Waterfall Paper Bag Notebook right here


Spring Journal

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Take some time to make this journal with your children.  When you are finished, you can use it as a reading journal or notebook.  If you use it for a notebook, put pictures, drawings and paragraphs about the science, history or literature topic you are studying.  Have fun.


Change the colors and papers for a boy or a specific topic.

directions come from right here 

Easter – Q & A Notebook

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This would be a fun activity for Easter.  You can use questions about the events of Passion Week.  Each year, you can pull it out and use it during your Easter celebration.

Use this Flip book as a model for Q & A for your child’s studies. Write the question on the outside of the flip and the answer behind the flip page. Change the colors to suit your child and the topic of the book.

This will take some time & patience as you follow these directions from Splitcoaststampers

Do You Play Games With Your Kids?

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Why not make a mini-book about the games you play as a family? Your kids will love remembering all the games they played over the year.

You can get some ideas at Two Peas in a Bucket

Questions for Your Kids

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Take a minute and ask each of your kids questions about life today.  Now, let them help you record the answers.  Here’s a great example you can follow.

More pics and helps at Two Peas in a Bucket 

This is a really cool project…one your kids will look back on for a long time :-)

One of My Valentine Cards

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Really Creative Notebook!!!

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I was a bit surprised when I found this notebook idea.  You might be, too.

It’s a Coffee Filter Notebook. You heard me right; you make your notebook with coffee filters.

Hey, think of it this way.  Your kids will love using coffee filters for school and you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee while they make their notebook.

Here are the directions from  Coffee Filter Notebook

Another Cool Way to Record Learning

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Here’s another fun way to record your child’s learning. It’s a little advanced for young kids, but teens can do this on their own. They can use it to record what they learn in homeschool.

BTW…this is a GIRLS ONLY project…sorry guys!

Download the directions on this page: Mini Notebook Just click the download link.

ps. all ideas & pics are from

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