IEW Scratch and Dent Sale

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It’s time for our Back to School IEW Scratch and Dent Sale. We have some Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) products and a few other products that are marked down for our Scratch and Dent Sale användbar källa. Please take note that there are a limited number of items listed and most items there is only 1 copy of. This will be a first come, first serve sale. All sales are final!


Teaching With Games Set by Lori Verstegen (IEW)

$31.50 for set. Add to Cart

Includes the following:
Teaching with Games Teacher Book
2 disc DVD set


Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons by Lori Verstegen (IEW) – 1st edition

$14.50 for book. Add to Cart


Advanced Communication Series (IEW)

$48.30 for set. Add to Cart



Starting Points Worldview Based Writing Lesson Review

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When Gileskirk quit publishing their terrific worldview curriculum, I was often asked what would I suggest in its place. That’s a tough question because Gileskirk was so good I’ve found something I am confident you can use as a foundation for your high school students as you teach Christian Worldview. – Starting Points, by David Quine.

In the past, I was frustrated with Quine’s programs because there was not much support. Andrew Pudewa has come along and provided support for Quine’s Starting Points Program. Pudewa’s Excellence in Writing has published a guide to writing assignments that correlate with Starting Points. Watch to see more.

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Homeschool Language Arts Primary Arts of Language Writing Pack

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Homeschool Language Arts is easy with another one of my favorite new resources on the market this year. Have you seen Primary Arts of Language – Writing? It includes the teachers manual, disk (student pages, audios, video instructions) and All About Spelling Level 1. Talk about fantastic. Watch & see…

…Sorry for the cough in the middle. I’m trying to figure out how to edit it.

You get FREE Shipping on all IEW products like Primary Arts of Language – Writing Package

Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum Review-IEW All Things Fun & Fascinating

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Homeschool language arts are easy to teach with Excellence in Writing. IEW has produced some of the very best homeschool writing programs. Why are they so great? They spend more time teaching writing, than brainstorming what to write about. All Things Fun & Fascinating is a tool you can use with elementary students when teaching elementary writing.

You can get FREE Shipping on All IEW programs at our site: Teaching Writing

Do You Have A Blog?

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I thought you might like to watch Steve’s free video on how to set up your own blog. Here’s how he introduced the free video. If you want to go straight to the video, here’s the link: Watch Video

“You are ridiculous!” That’s what a young
woman told me when I told her what I did for
a living.

We were talking at a coffee shop and she
asked me what I did for a living.

I told her that I teach people how to make
money on the Internet. Her eyes widened and
she teased me saying, “No way! You are

But then she got a serious look on her face
and asked, “Can you teach me?”

“Well, do you have any passions or
interests?” I asked.

It turns out that she is a hairstylist and
she loves anything to do with hair and the
hairstyling business.

In fact, she went on for about 30 minutes!

It’s cool to see someone with that much

“Wow! You could really help people who are
thinking about becoming a hairdresser,” I

“Oh yeah!”, she said. “I could save someone a
LOT of time and money!”

“Why don’t you create a free blog and
recommend tips, tricks and products to young
people just starting out?” I asked.

“Wow! I never thought about that! Can you
show me how?” she asked.

She grabbed a pen and furiously wrote every
word down as I explained my 6-step
formula for making money with a free blog.

YOU are probably a very similar to Savannah.

I bet YOU have a passion or interest.

I bet YOU have something to share with people
just starting out.

And I bet YOU can make money with a free

I just created a video with the EXACT SAME
6-step formula I shared with Savannah.

Would you like to see it?

Watch Video

You don’t have to give a name and email. I
just wanted to share great content for free!

And if you like the video, please share it
with others!

Here’s the link to my short 6-1/2 minute
video that has my 6-step formula for making
money with a free blog:
Watch Video


Stephen Beck

PS…if you want to see Savannah’s free blog
about the hairdressing business, visit the
link below:

She’s not finished yet, but she’s made a good
start in just a couple of days!

You can see exactly what I told her here:

Teaching Writing Reviews

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This afternoon I will be filming reviews on many new resources we will be offering for homeschool language arts.  In the meantime, here’s a review of my absolute, favorite curriculum for teaching writing.

You can get FREE shipping on our site here:

Why Writing Program Should I Use?

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We recently received this question and wanted to share it with you. Many moms and teachers have questions on writing curriculum, so here’s a little advice.

I already have “Teaching Writing: Structure and Style,” a 9 DVD set and “Student Writing Intensive” Group C. If I purchase your book, Bible-Based Writing Lessons, will I be set for teaching composition to my 7th grader? Thank you for any help you can provide. I am also looking at “Writing Strands” and “WriteShop.” Perhaps you know how they compare?

If you get Bible Based Writing Lessons, you will be getting more practice on the 9 units taught in TWSS (Teaching Writing) & SWI (Student Writing Intensive).  If I had a 7th grader, I would use TWSS & SWI the first semester.  It will provide 12-15 weeks of lessons to teach writing.  The 2nd semester, I would integrate a history based writing lesson program (choose history time period you are studying this coming year) or The Elegant Essay.  Elegant Essay will begin to give your student practice in writing good essays.  Elegant Essay can easily be done in 8th grade as well.  It will prepare your student for high school essay writing.
I’ve looked at Writing Strands & Write Shop.  I always come back to IEW products.  They are the best curriculum on teaching HOW  to write.  Most other writing curricula spends a majority of time on WHAT to write, instead of HOW to write.

Super Hero Writing Activity

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A    A fun creative writing exercise is to have the students create their own “super-hero” with original names, powers, abilities, and appearances.  If you’re children are unfamiliar with super-heroes, let them read some Superman, Batman or Spiderman comic books.


Make a chart for your student’s super-hero.  List names, powers, abilities & appearances.  Boys may get into this assignment more than others.  Let them be as creative as they like.  It will mean they are more involved and will write a better paper.

Students must create this character and use it in a story.

In the story, the character will display its characteristics.  Let your student use phrases from his original chart as he writes his story.

Not sure how to help your kids write a story.  It’s very simple when you use IEW’s Unit 3 of Teaching Writing: Structure & Style to guide you through the process.  Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) has some of the best helps to actually teach writing you can find.  Instead of brainstorming what to write about, IEW helps you teach HOW to write.  If you are unfamiliar with IEW or  TWSS, click on this link for a description:

Teaching Writing

A possible cross-curriculum idea is to have the students create the character as an art project.

Famous Football Players

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My son does not like history as most of you know. But he LOVES sports! Do you have a child like this?

This week you can tie in sports with studies. What subjects can you do?

– History
– Writing
– Research

Choose a famous football player from a past Super Bowl. Write a report about his life and achievements.

If you are unsure how to help your child write a short 1, 3 or 5 paragraph paper, use Teaching Writing: Structure & Style. It’ is absolutely the BEST writing program to tie in writing with ANY subject area, even football.

*** For younger children who aren’t writing papers, let them alphabetize all NFL teams by city and mascot.

One more day til…

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There is only one more day to get FREE popcorn and a FREE paperback.  All orders we receive by the end of October (that’s tomorrow) will get a package of popcorn and Stephen’s paperback (A Father’s Stew).

What else can you get?

If you grab Excellence in Writing products, you can also get a gift card.  The dollar amount depends on how many IEW books you grab.

Buy over $75 of IEW product and receive a $10 gift card on your next purchase.
Buy over $150 of IEW product and receive a $20 gift card on your next purchase.

Here’s a list of IEW products (writing, spelling, reading, worldview)
(applies to in-stock items only, does not apply to backorders)
AS ALWAYS, you get FREE SHIPPING on all Excellence in Writing orders

So what are you waiting for?

couplewithpopcornGet some cool books and some popcorn to eat while you are reading them.

Cool books include Sir Cumference and The Round Table, What’s Your Angle, Pythagoras or Equal Shmequal.  You can’t have any more fun than that as you study math.

Enjoy that popcorn…
Kerry Beck

Christian Parenting Assoc, Director

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