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I thought you might like to watch Steve’s free video on how to set up your own blog. Here’s how he introduced the free video. If you want to go straight to the video, here’s the link: Watch Video

“You are ridiculous!” That’s what a young
woman told me when I told her what I did for
a living.

We were talking at a coffee shop and she
asked me what I did for a living.

I told her that I teach people how to make
money on the Internet. Her eyes widened and
she teased me saying, “No way! You are

But then she got a serious look on her face
and asked, “Can you teach me?”

“Well, do you have any passions or
interests?” I asked.

It turns out that she is a hairstylist and
she loves anything to do with hair and the
hairstyling business.

In fact, she went on for about 30 minutes!

It’s cool to see someone with that much

“Wow! You could really help people who are
thinking about becoming a hairdresser,” I

“Oh yeah!”, she said. “I could save someone a
LOT of time and money!”

“Why don’t you create a free blog and
recommend tips, tricks and products to young
people just starting out?” I asked.

“Wow! I never thought about that! Can you
show me how?” she asked.

She grabbed a pen and furiously wrote every
word down as I explained my 6-step
formula for making money with a free blog.

YOU are probably a very similar to Savannah.

I bet YOU have a passion or interest.

I bet YOU have something to share with people
just starting out.

And I bet YOU can make money with a free

I just created a video with the EXACT SAME
6-step formula I shared with Savannah.

Would you like to see it?

Watch Video

You don’t have to give a name and email. I
just wanted to share great content for free!

And if you like the video, please share it
with others!

Here’s the link to my short 6-1/2 minute
video that has my 6-step formula for making
money with a free blog:
Watch Video


Stephen Beck

PS…if you want to see Savannah’s free blog
about the hairdressing business, visit the
link below:

She’s not finished yet, but she’s made a good
start in just a couple of days!

You can see exactly what I told her here:

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