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A few weeks ago,  a friend of mine invited me to coffee at her home.  Her daughter was in town and they wanted to discuss homeschooling.  Of course, I was up for it because I love to talk about homeschooling and all the cool ideas you can do with your kids.  Her daughter has a 4yo, 2yo and infant.  We had a great discussion.  I recommend she read For The Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay.

Last week I received an email from her daughter asking for some specific suggestions on using “living ideas”, a concept discussed in the book.  Here’s my quick response:

Great Question about Living Ideas…
When you read a story that has strong work ethic demonstrated, that would be a living idea that you could discuss with the kids.  Others might include:  character qualities, strong family ties, friendships (right & wrong way to treat friends)

Boy Who Cried Wolf – lying vs telling truth

Little Engine That Could  - persistence

Aesops Fables are great short stories that teach a lesson/living idea through a story

Owl Moon – father/son relationship

Lentil – Old Sneep can teach to not complain, grumble

All of these are lessons or ideas that can apply to life, thus a living idea.

If you haven’t read For The Children’s Sake I highly recommend it.  It is the only book I bought about education the summer before we started homeschooling.  I had mounds of books moms had shared with me, but I ended up buying the book that a college girl recommended to me… For The Children’s Sake .  It is well worth reading, so worth it that I think I will read it again this week.
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