I’ve Been Kidnapped!

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I thought you might like to read what Steve said about me on our 26th wedding anniversary. Let me know what you think…Kerry


Help, I’ve been kidnapped!

Actually I’ve been kidnapped by my wife. You see, this week we celebrate 26 years of wedded bliss and my wife has kidnapped me for a romantic get-away.

I know, too much information, right? :-)

But it was a COMPLETE surprise.

I had to cancel the restaurant reservation and flower delivery I made to surprise HER!

But that brings up an interesting topic.


She didn’t make these plans until 2 days ago. And we just up and jumped on a plane to Charelston.

Now that’s freedom.

I didn’t have to ask permission from a boss.

I didn’t have to check the bank account.

I didn’t have to use any sick days.

I just went.

Do you want that kind of freedom?

We are having a 4th of July Freedom Sale for homeschooling & home business.
Check it out here: http://familyebiz.com/freedom/

This 4th of July, declare your own independence!

Stephen Beck

PS…Here’s that link again: http://familyebiz.com/freedom/



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  1. Kay :

    Date: July 1, 2011 @ 12:29 pm

    Good for you, Kerry! This is exactly what I am going to do from now on. My sweetheart is terrible at celebrating milestones and events. I need to plan everything and kidnap him from now on. This is a great way to not get frustrated at a man who just won’t act like the guys in movies, and doesn’t remember important dates much less plan ahead for them. I think the fastest way to cause death to a marriage is for a woman to read romance novels and become frustrated by a man who doesn’t act like the guys in the books do. But your way of kidnapping your husband is the perfect way to celebrate with the man you love.

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