Daily Lists for Homeschool Moms

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Long-term and short-term goals are great to have as you move forward in life, as long as you are using daily lists.  However, these longer term goals can sometimes be philosophical, not very practical or measurable.  I want to share a strategy I use to plan my week & days.

A good way to have a manageable list is to have a daily and weekly set of goals. By doing this you will be always in the position of going towards you life plan goals. Everyday will give you the opportunity to fulfill a certain goal giving you the feeling of accomplishment.

to do list

First, create a “to-do” list for today and the next day and the next! Every morning I keep a blank piece of paper next to me as I read my Bible.  When ideas or tasks pop into my head, I write them down.  When I finish my quiet time, I evaluate my list, comparing it to my weekly goals.

When I get to mid-afternoon, I sometimes have a brain-drain!  I can’t remember what I am suppose to do that day.  All I have to do is find my list and see what hasn’t been crossed off.  It’s a great memory tool as my mind forgets viagra mastercard.

Always review your plans and prepare for contingencies.

As a mom, you know there is always a need for contingencies.  When my oldest was born, I heard that moms should list “to do” tasks on multiple days.  If you don’t get a task done the first day it is listed, you still have time to complete it on the next day.  AND…you don’t feel guilty for taking 2-3 days to complete a task and ultimately fulfill your goals.

This is the first week of January and many of you will be more relaxed with your schedule, whether or not you homeschool.  It is the PERFECT TIME to set goals for 2012.

Get some blank paper and start planning.

You will be glad you did!

Setting Goals Strategies: Putting Goals Into Action

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Here are some pointers that should be taken into consideration in setting goals and achieving them.  I’ve marked resources for some of these areas for you to study further.


1. Prayer and Bible reading play a very big role in setting and achieving your goals.

You must ask yourself if there is anything in your goals that does not follow God’s Word.  If so, your plans will turn into disarray! If you are unsure about your goals, spend time on your knees praying for God’s direction for you and your family.   Otherwise you will always miss your mark.

Blessed is the man who walks not in the cousel of the ungodly,
Nor stands in the path of sinners,
Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;
But his delight is in the law of the Lord
And in His law he meditates day & night.
Psalm 1:1-2

2.  Education is key in achieving your goals

If your goals require you to have a certain kind of knowledge, make plans in getting the appropriate knowledge and education.  Set aside a specific time each day to work towards that education.  I usually try to read at least one hour per day to educate myself so I can mentor my children to be great leaders.
Raising-Leaders.com is a good resource for moms who want to continue their own education or provide an education for your kids to become leaders.

3.  Many of you desire to quit your job and work at home. 

If working at home so you can gain freedom for you and your family is a goal of yours, write it down.  Or, maybe you want your teens to have a choice between working for themselves or for someone else.  Wherever you sense God leading, write it down!  Begin researching how you can set up a family business so you can eventually replace your day job.
Avoid mistakes of Self-Employed Business people

4.  Your family should never be left out of your plans.

At the end of this week, write down the goals you have drafted.  Share these with your spouse and discuss the pros/cons of each goal.  Be sure both parents are in agreement with the goals you have set.  If not, go to God and pray for his wisdom.  He may want you to submit to your husband’s direction.  Continue to pray about the difference, but be sure you are always submitting to your hubby.  God will reward you for this.

Steve & I planned our goals for 2012, just last week.  This past Monday, we reviewed our goals and how we would start implementing this week.

5.  Personal, financial situations also play a major role in achieving your goals.

Have a realistic goal on how much you really want/need to earn. Look at the debt you have accumulated and develop a plan to reduce debt. You also must be able to create plans or stages by which you will be able to reach your earning potential.

6.  Goals for Health & Fitness

We live in a society that spends most of its time in front of a screen (TV screen, computer screen, movie screen).  We must “make the time” to keep our bodies physically fit.  Jot down goals to exercise, eat healthy and enjoy your family through games and play.  If you don’t plan for it, it won’t happen cialis super active.

7.  Physically gifted children may be able to achieve sports related goals…

…like playing for the local homeschool basketball team or high school football team.  Determining your children’s physical capabilities should be one of your priorities. Sports are a great way for your children to learn character lessons and grow in Christ.  But, you must be careful to guard your family time so that sports doesn’t become the highest priority in your family.  In other words, don’t forsake family time and family devotions for too many basketball and softball games.


8.  Plan for Relaxation

As the saying goes -’All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is by all means true down to the last the letter. Giving yourself a little pleasure should be included into your plans.  Plan this year to get away with your spouse for at least one weekend.  Begin planning now…get the grandparents to watch your children.

The above discussion sums up the categories you can use to prepare your goals:  Spiritual, Education, Family, Financial, Health-Fitness, Career/Job.

It is best to have some very long-term goals (20+ years), but to start right now, I’d suggest 5 year goals and 1 year goals in each of these areas.  Then break these down to 6 month plans then monthly plans, then weekly, then daily.

Goal Setting for Homeschool Moms

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In my recent post, I discussed the importance of goal setting as a Mom.  Without a vision, the people perish.  This includes stay at home moms and especially homeschool moms.

What’s your vision for your family?

Where do you start in setting goals to accomplish that vision?

1.  Write down your vision.

Decide what you really want to do or what you want to do as you raise your children to be Godly leaders.  These are life goals for you and your children.  This is your overall vision.  For our family, an overarching vision was to raise children who could think Biblically & critically.

Set Goals

2.  List short term and long term goals necessary for you need to achieve lifetime goals.

Our family chose subject activities to encourage critical & Biblical decision making.  This included choosing formal school subjects, as well as having in depth discussions at our dinner table.

3.  Break down goals into the smaller and manageable targets that you must complete.

What do you want to accomplish this year?  this month?

Look at where you are as a family right now as you decide these manageable goals.

Our short term goals included one topic each week for dinner discussions.  We also had to make a point to eat dinner together.  We were all on board so we ate at a variety of times ranging from 5:30 to 9pm.

4.  Write down daily activities so you can achieve your goals. 

It is imperative that you write down your goal.

I have a small notepad next to my Bible.  When I read my Bible each morning, I write down any idea that pops into my head.  This keeps me focused on my Bible reading, without forgetting ideas I have.  During my prayer time, I can pray about any ideas I’ve written down.

5.  Once you have your list waste no time in tackling your goals.

At breakfast, I re-read my list and put times/priorities on my list so I stay focus on what is most important for that day . . . after praying about my list.

These are just a few ideas I use when setting goals.  Each year you can re-evaluate last year’s goals as you set goals for the upcoming year.

Favorite Book 2011 – Blog Candy Winner

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Thanks to everyone who posted their favorite book of 2011.  We randomly picked one of our comments to win our ebook, Homeschooling Like A Pro.  Charise is the winner. Congrats!  Charise favorite book of 2011 was Crazy Love, by Francis Chan.  Others mentioned this book, also.

If you haven’t read through the comments, take some time right now and do so.  I love seeing the variety of books that impact our homeschool moms.   I’ve already started a new list of books for 2012.  Since I’ll be reading 52 books in 2012, I want to pick some of the best ones.

1000 Gifts A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

It looks like a few books were favorite to many moms.  To top that list is Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.  That is at the top of my list, once I get my copy in the mail.  You can read more about this book here:

A Holy Experience

Goal Setting for Moms: Easier Said, More Easily Done

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As you embark upon a new year, many of you will take some time for goal setting.  That’s a fantastic idea and exercise.  Goal setting is an open secret known by top-caliber athletes, successful businessmen and businesswomen, as well as high achievers. This definitely includes moms at home!  You have the most important job of raising the leaders of tomorrow, so be prepared by setting and achieving your goals – both for you and your children.

goal setting

The basics of setting goals give you focus as a Mom focus each day.  Goals also provide short-term and long-term motivation as you plan your day, week and month. The goals I set also help me organize my time and resources so I will stay focused.  This allows me time and resources to educate myself and share that new-found knowledge with my children.


You may be saying to yourself, why do I need to set any goals?  God will show me what to do each day and I rest in Him.  You have discovered a great truth as you rest in your faith and this is necessary as you follow God’s direction.  BUT, setting clearly defined short-term and long-term goals will enable you to measure your progress as you raise your children and grow in Christ.  As you achieve your goals, you will be motivated to follow God.

Where there is no vision, the people perish
Proverbs 29:18

God says it Himself…without a vision (or goal) you will perish.  You need goals to reach.  Goals in the spiritual, emotional, physical & relationship realm.

Don’t you feel great when you cross something off your list?
I sure do!

It’s the same way with goals.  As you complete short-term goals, you begin to see accomplishment that leads to the actual realization of your final goals.

Do you ever go through the day, feeling like you’re not sure what else needs to be done or feeling like you wasted your day away?  Goals eliminate that feeling of a long and pointless grind.

What Is Your One Word For 2012?

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I’ve thought about this for awhile and am having a hard time coming up with just “one” word to sum up my 2012 new years resolution.  I keep trying to decide between Faith & Focus.  My friend, Maggie Hogan of Bright Ideas Press, suggested I hyphenate those words as faith-focus. So, I’m going with “faith-focus” for 2012.

Why Faith – Focus?

God has truly challenged me to grow in my faith these past few months.  I feel as though the last several years have not been very deep in faith.  Since my gift is service, I have found ways to serve those around me.  I know this is part of growing, but I really want to deepen my relationship with Him.

I just finished reading Lou Holtz’ biography. (For those of you who are not sports enthusiasts, like myself, Holtz is one of the most winning coaches in college football).  Holtz shared that his wife spent an hour a day in prayer.  I remember spending more time in prayer when I was single and am challenged to do so again.  So, I am publicly stating that I want to grow my faith by spending more time in prayer with my Lord.

lou holtz

Another lesson I learned from Lou Holtz is about prayer.  Lou & his wife prayed before accepting a new coaching position (and he moved alot in his career – 11 moves in 43 years).  He mentions this throughout his book.  When he was released from University of Arkansas, he was asked to visit Minnesota the very next day.  Minnesota offered him the head coaching position.  When he returned to the hotel with his wife and kids, they could not decide if this was the right move.  So, Lou told everyone to go & pray for 30 mintues.  They would come back together in 30 minutes and  make a decision at that time.  In their family meeting they all came together with peace that God wanted them to move to Minnesota.  What an example of prayer.

Not only do I need to grow in my faith, I need to stay focused on what’s most important.  I can talk all day long about priorities and organization.  I can even make daily lists and get LOTS accomplished.  However, many times I wonder if I’m accomplishing the right things.

Back in October I listed 3 goals I wanted to accomplish by February.  I posted those goals next to stay focused.  I have so many ideas in my head that I want to accomplish, so I can get sidetracked.  The other activities are good, but not always the best.  Posting those goals in a place I saw it everyday reminded me of what is important.

I’ll let you know that I am right on track to finish my 3 goals.  Two are already done & the last one will be finished this month.

This week, I’ll be posting my 3 goals for 2012 next to my desk.  I will see them every day.  I might even post them in the kitchen because I spend lots of time in the kitchen.

How will I decide what my 3 goals will be?

I’ll be sharing some ideas on goal setting over the next few days.  In the meantime, I will start with “prayer”.  I will be praying all week to decide exactly what direction God wants me to go in 2012 viagra generique sildenafil.  I’ll post those goals next to my desk and I will continue to pray for God’s guidance on a daily basis.

Having said that, I am not so rigid that I might not make a change this summer…if & only if I pray about it.  I want to stay in tune with Him this year… Faith – Focus for 2012

How about you?  

What is your word for 2012?

Post a comment.  I will randomly choose one to receive my ebook, Let’s Get Organized.  You have until Friday, Jan 6 to leave your word for 2012.  Once you leave your comment, enter again by clicking FB like or tweeting.  Just use the buttons above this post to fb or tweet.

Reading Challenge for 2012

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This post includes 2 challenges.
One for 2012.
One for 2011 – to win my book, Becoming a Homeschool Pro

2011 Challenge

If you’d like to enter to win my book, all you have to do is leave a comment on my blog sharing your favorite book of 2011.  I’ll be picking a winner on Tuesday, January 3.  You can see my favorites of 2011 on the post below.

2012 Challenge

After I posted my favorite books of 2011, I read a comment from my friend, Paul Evans.  So far, he’s read 82 books this year.  WOW!!!  His goal next year is 104 (2/week)

I’ve read 41 books this year.  Will finish one more today/tomorrow to make it 42 (1/2 of Paul’s reading list).  I’m not sure I can make it to 100 next year, so I’m making my goal  manageable & public.  My goal is to read 52 books in 2012 – that’s 1 book each week. I think I can do it, even though I plan to start with Atlas Shrugged (big book, small print that I gave Steve last year).

Atlas Shrugged

Other books on my bedside table:

Brenda Warner biography

For Christmas, I gave this to my oldest daughter who is almost finished with it.  She says she can’t put it down. Read it all the way to Houston & back yesterday.

tim tebow biography

I gave this to my middle daughter and will have to wait until she is finished to read it.

18 Minutes Find Your Focus

Recommended by a friend

They say you are more likely to accomplish your goal if you make it public.  That’s why I’m posting it here, on twitter, and on facebook.

What is your reading goal for 2012? 

Feel free to post a comment below and let us know.


My Favorite Books of 2011

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I read some great books in 2011…and I re-read some of my favorites.
Here are my top picks.
BTW…read to the bottom to find out how you can win my book:
Becoming A Homeschool Pro

wins losses lessons

Although I’m not quite finished with this book (should finish tonight or tomorrow), this may be my favorite of 2011.  Did you know Lou Holtz was 135 pounds, struggled academically and had a speech impediment in high school?  He is currently one of the most sought-after motivational speakers.  He is honest about his life and we can all learn from his story.

Read lessons I learned in Jan 2 post…about prayer

power of positive thinking

FANTASTIC.  I thought this was all about “me” & selfish positive thinking.  However,  it really has alot to do with God, Scripture and following the verses to think on positive things.  Great reminder for all of us.

One Yard Short

Lots of people live life “one yard short”. Les Steckel tells his life story and how God worked in his life to prepare for ministry to others.  Great for sports lovers, but also for men who struggle in feeling like nothing ever goes right.

zig ziglar

Love this book!  Truly rags to riches, but Zig knows who carries him always – Jesus Christ!
Zig is honest with his readers, sharing the good & bad stories of his life.  He willingly shares his weaknesses, but also shows how God uses his strengths.  He is honest about his middle years which tell of his chasing shiny objects.  Zig also shares the importance of his family, both his wife & kids.  Very encouraging to see a man who finds success in the middle of his life.

How Did You do It Truett?

Quick Read…
Quick overview of how Chick fil A began
Great principles to base your life and business. He truly walks the talk!
This would make a great gift for a young person as he addresses young people and how teenagers could use these principles.  I also read his biography which is EXCELLENT!

How to win friends and influence people

Love this book.  You should read this once a year.

Cereal tycoon

Inspirational & Encouraging. Truly a man who ran his business with Christian principles. Biography of founder of Quaker of Oats. I needed a new book to read & found this on my shelf.  So much better than I ever anticipated.

Favorite book series I started re-reading this year

Miss Julia Speaks Her Mind

I read one new book in this series and re-read 2 books.
They are so much fun, an escape from reality. Fun to read & laugh!

At Home in Mitford

Father Tim & Mitford are so much fun to read…and a great encouragement to me.  I have about 3-4 more to finish re-reading the entire series. I read about one each month.

One of my favorite lines is the prayer Father Tim learned from his grandmother:
“Lord, let me be a blessing to someone today.”

What are you favorite books of 2011?

Post your book title as a comment.
I’ll randomly choose one of them to win a copy of my ebook,
Becoming a Homeschool Pro. 
I’ll choose the winner next Tuesday, January 3.

After you post a comment, you can also enter to win by clicking fb like or tweeting this post at the top.
This will give you additional entries to win.

Our Christmas Dinner

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Traditionally, we eat a nice meal on Christmas Eve after our Christmas Eve service.
On Christmas morning we have pull-apart bread and eat leftovers the rest of the day.

This year was different.
Steve got a turkey fryer for Christmas, so I had a turkey (& propane tank) ready to go.
It took less than 2 hours to cook a 13 pound turkey kamagra oral jelly india…Quick & Easy!
He had so much fun cooking, that he has already
bought some marinades to try on his next “frying”.

Ready & waiting!

Christmas Rolls

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For our Christmas Eve meal, we generally have my homemade bread.  Christmas is the only time I make my bread, so it’s a treat.  This year, I decided to take the dough and make rolls.  Here’s what I did.  You can easily do the same thing with pop out of the can biscuit dough.

Dough is rising (or popping out of the can :-)

Kids can do this part. Roll dough/biscuit into 12 inch roll.
I kept flour nearby so the dough wouldn’t stick to my hand.

Form roll into knot.

Place on baking sheet.
Bake at 400 about 10-15 minutes or until golden

Brush with olive oil mixture
Olive oil, Garlic powder, Parmesan cheese, Italian seasonings

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