Starting Points Worldview Based Writing Lesson Review

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When Gileskirk quit publishing their terrific worldview curriculum, I was often asked what would I suggest in its place. That’s a tough question because Gileskirk was so good I’ve found something I am confident you can use as a foundation for your high school students as you teach Christian Worldview. – Starting Points, by David Quine.

In the past, I was frustrated with Quine’s programs because there was not much support. Andrew Pudewa has come along and provided support for Quine’s Starting Points Program. Pudewa’s Excellence in Writing has published a guide to writing assignments that correlate with Starting Points. Watch to see more.

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  1. George Grant :

    Date: August 16, 2011 @ 4:57 am

    The Gileskirk Curriculum is still available. It’s just called the King’s Meadow Curriculum now. It can be purchased at

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