US History Writing Lessons-Vol. 2 (Civil War – Present)

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Veteran co-op teacher Lori Verstegan developed and test-taught these remarkable lesson plans for several years before refining them into this superb collection. This series of 32 lessons provides source texts, practice exercises and assignments/grading checklists for all nine of the TWSS units. Touches on people and events in US history from the Civil War to the Present.


Most lessons begin with activities to teach a stylistic technique or writing structure. These vary from strong verbs to show emotions to topic sentences/clinchers to similes. An overview of the lesson is provided, as well as a step-by-step (EASY TO FOLLOW) lesson plan.

U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons, Volume 2 are just another excellent supplement to Teaching Writing: Structure & Style. Lori provides 2-6 lessons for each of TWSS (IEW’s Teaching Writing) units thus covering stories, reports, formal essays, critiques and creative writing. Checklists are provided for both the teacher & student.

The Student Resource packet is a gold mine of its own containing:

  • Structural Models
  • Banned Word Thesaurus
  • Grammar Dictionary
  • 72 vocabulary words on card stock complete with defining pictures and words

So you’re wondering what ages can use U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons?

Glad you asked because Lori has thought of everything. In her easy-to-follow lessons, she separates her instructions for elementary (4th-6th grade) to junior high to high school. To help teach different ages of students, different checklists & assignments are given.

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