Why Writing Program Should I Use?

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We recently received this question and wanted to share it with you. Many moms and teachers have questions on writing curriculum, so here’s a little advice.

I already have “Teaching Writing: Structure and Style,” a 9 DVD set and “Student Writing Intensive” Group C. If I purchase your book, Bible-Based Writing Lessons, will I be set for teaching composition to my 7th grader? Thank you for any help you can provide. I am also looking at “Writing Strands” and “WriteShop.” Perhaps you know how they compare?

If you get Bible Based Writing Lessons, you will be getting more practice on the 9 units taught in TWSS (Teaching Writing) & SWI (Student Writing Intensive).  If I had a 7th grader, I would use TWSS & SWI the first semester.  It will provide 12-15 weeks of lessons to teach writing.  The 2nd semester, I would integrate a history based writing lesson program (choose history time period you are studying this coming year) or The Elegant Essay.  Elegant Essay will begin to give your student practice in writing good essays.  Elegant Essay can easily be done in 8th grade as well.  It will prepare your student for high school essay writing.
I’ve looked at Writing Strands & Write Shop.  I always come back to IEW products.  They are the best curriculum on teaching HOW  to write.  Most other writing curricula spends a majority of time on WHAT to write, instead of HOW to write.
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  1. Terri :

    Date: June 28, 2011 @ 10:43 am

    Thank you so much for this blog… I am praying through and looking at material before ordering our curriculum for the year… this is a huge help! Thank you, thank you!

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