"Discover What It Takes To Be A Journalist"

Discover what it takes to be a journalist - from a news reporter or editorialist to a feature writer.

Being a journalist in our world today is a challenging yet rewarding task. Journalists have the responsibility to inform people and break important news stories. The world for writers is a competitive one, but for someone with a passion for crafting words, no story is too difficult to undertake.

Through this course you will be inspired to be the best writer you can possibly be as you develop skills you never knew you had. We hope you discover a passion for writing and understand the responsibility that comes with being a journalist.

Authors Megan House & Karin Viet are IEW trained, homeschool graduates. Laura House wrote & published her first novel when she was 15.

Junior high and high school students will learn how to communicate current events to a wide audience. While writing their own newspaper, they will learn the principles of journalism such as conducting interviews, applying Associated Press style, and understanding worldviews.

Students will write news, feature, and opinion pieces. With self-directed instruction and hands-on assignments, Journalism Basics will equip students to reach the world through journalism.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Get Ready! Background Skills
   Chapter 1: An Introduction to Journalism
   Chapter 2: Starting Lesson

   Chapter 3: Associate Press Style

Part 2: Get Set! Types of Stories
   Chapter 4: The News Story
   Chapter 5: The Feature Story
   Chapter 6: The Opinion Piece

Part 3: Go! From Draft To Print
   Chapter 7: Writing Helps
   Chapter 8: The Editing Process
   Chapter 9: What in the World Is a Worldview?
   Chapter 10: Finding a Market

   Chapter 11: Creating Your Newspaper


Click here to view a PDF sample. 

Part one introduces students to basic journalism ideas and Associated Press style guidelines, while Prt Two explains details of and differences between News, Features, and Opinion pieces. Part Three gives concrete writing and editing practice assignments, and finishes with a discussion of worldview, getting paid and even crating your own newspaper. Specific assignments throughout make it an interactive course, appropriate for either individual use at home or a as semester course for a group of students.

~Andrew Pudewa
Excellence in Writing

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