"How To Change Your Writing Life From
Aspiring To Published Novelist"

For the teacher, mom or homeschool student who wants to write his or her own novel


Discover How To Write Your Own Novel...

Lee Roddy has authored 53 published novels and taught writing classes to novice writers just like yourself. His students have sold millions of their own novels. YOU can too!

What he taught for over 30 years has proven practical for his students. It will work for you if you have an aptitude for writing...if you will learn & practice your craft...if you persevere to success.

This unique book not only explains but also shows aspiring writers what they need to know to write their first novel.

  • Designed especially for teenagers and older hopeful writers, instruction is based on 30 years of proven, practical methods of developing an idea into a complete story.
  • This guide covers the common elements of all category novels as well as the special requirements of the key genres: suspense, mystery, romance, juvenile and others.
  • Checklists and helpful workshop suggestions can be found periodically throughout the book providing a distinctive and valuable feature.
  • This is the answer book to questions beginning writers have on all aspects of novel writing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Overview
Chapter 3: Characters
Chapter 4: Writing Suspense Novels
Chapter 5: Writing Category Romances
Chapters 6-8: Plotting Your Novel
Chapter 9: Scenes & Sequels
Chapter 10: Mystery Writing
Chapter 11: Writing a Mystery Outline
Chapters 12-13 Young Readers' Novels Parts 1 & 2: Checklists
Chapter 14: Researching & Interviewing
Chapter 15: Marketing
Chapter 16: Which Way Tomorrow?
Chapter 17: Wrap Up and Challenge

For those even more serious about fiction - meaning writing whole books - Lee Roddy's new "how to" will be jet fuel for your young novelist! In A Guide to Writing Your Novel, Mr Roddy takes a student step by step through the process of conceiving, planning, drafting and refining a novel. With his great understanding of structure and suspense, Lee Roddy breaks down the huge idea of writing a novel into manageable, concrete components. This self-study guide will be of most help to the highly motivated young novelist-in-the-making.

~Andrew Pudewa
Excellence in Writing

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  1. Checklist for Writing the Novel's Beginning
  2. Checklist for Novel's Middle Section
  3. Checklist for Novel's Ending
  4. Checklist for Developing Your Characters
  5. Checklist for Creating Your Synopsis
  6. Checklist on Writing Suspense Novels
  7. Checklist for Romance Writers
  8. Checklist for Scenes & Sequels
  9. Checklist for Young Readers Novels

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How To Become A Published Novelist

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