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Once Upon A Dime
by: Nancy Kelly Allen

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For organic farmer Truman Worth, money does grow on trees. Readers calculate the changing value of his crop.

Math Concepts:

  • Scale drawings
  • Ratio
  • Measurement


  Charlotte Parent - April 30, 2005
Money really does grow on trees in Nancy Kelly Allen's children's book Once Upon a Dime. The story follows farmer Truman Worth, his special tree and a young boy in his journey to learning the value of money. The book is full of bright illustrations by Adam Doyle that are sure to keep kids anticipating the turn of the next page. With friends like Lewis and Cluck and Grover Clevelamb, parents are sure to have a laugh while kids learn a priceless lesson. Once Upon a Dime costs $6.95 and is available at bookstores nationwide.
-- Charlotte Parent, April 2005

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