Principle Approach to Education
by: Kerry Beck

The Principle Approach to homeschooling is based on 7 principles of American Christian history & government. These principles are derived from the Bible.

1. Principle of Individuality - Each created thing has unique identity from God
2. Principle of Self-Government - True liberty & Godly rule is from within
3. Principle of Christian Character - Internal character affects outward environment
4. "Conscience is the Most Sacred of All Property" - James Madison, individuals govern self by conscience
5. Principle of Biblical Form of Government - Scriptural guidelines to role of government
6. Principle of Local Self-Government - "Liberty is individual responsibility..." - Samuel Adams
7. Principle of Political Union - Spheres of government work together when the agree in spirit

Students discover God's Providence in history, Self-government Principles that protect liberty, and Persons who guide and preserve areas of life as they study subjects such as history, government or literature. A notebook is generally used to research, reason, relate and record God's principles & applications in the subject being studied. What makes this approach to other approaches is listed on the following website:

The Principle Approach begins with reasoning from Biblical principles, reclaiming the integrity of every subject by working from a basis of truth. It is bibliocentric, with the Bible at the heart of teaching and learning (from: I am no expert on this approach to education, but relating Scriptural principles to education and life itself is what God continues to urge me to do as my children mature. Although the Bible may not directly mention specific topics, God gives us principles throughout His Word for every aspect of our life. The Bible is to be the focal point of all that we do. My hope and prayer is that my children will be so founded in Scripture and its principles that they will make wise decisions throughout their life and will relate these principles to whatever they are learning.
If you are interested in this approach, I would be happy to get you in touch with some local families that use this approach in their homeschool. In fact, one mom just returned from an apprenticeship in the Principle Approach.


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Teaching the Trivium - This is not normally listed as a Principle resource, BUT it uses Biblical principles to support their philosophy of education, the role of family in education, their reasoning for teaching specific subjects and more. It will truly challenge you to think through your view of homeschooling from a Biblical Principle View.


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