"Discover How To Give Your Student A Biblical
As He Learns To Write Well"


For the teacher, mom or homeschool student who wants to interact with classic books by examining living ideas.

One of our highest priorities in homeschooling our children was to give them a Biblical worldview...so they could think critically and think Biblically. IEW has done it again by bringing together their structure & style basis for writing with David Quine's Worldview Primer.

Both Teaching Writing: Structure & Style and Starting Points contain a critically important concept in common - asking questions in the process of learning. (If you've listened to any of my talks, you probably heard me say, "the quality of questions you ask determine the quality of your life.") By asking questions of Scripture, both courses train students to express a Biblical worldview in verbal and written forms.

This resource makes teaching Biblical worldview EASY. Save yourself some time by using these lessons already created for you. Spend your time doing what is important.

When your students complete this course, they will be able to:

  • Connect Teaching Writing strategies with any given assignment
  • Use the writing assignment as a way to understand the material at a deper level
  • Interact with a book by examining how an author expresses an idea
  • Communicate an idea by playing with how it is presented
  • Trace an idea through Scripture, other literary works, and history


An Introduction Part 1 - Taking Notes
An Introduction Part 2 - Valuing a Rough Draft
Assignment 1 - Is there a God? If so, what is He like?
Assignment 2 - What is the Origin of the Universe?
Assignment 3 - What is the Nature of Man?
Assignment 4 - Responding to Man's Dilemma
Assignment 5 - What is the Basis of Ethics and Morality?
Assignment 6 - What is the Cause of Evil and Suffering?
Assignment 7 - What Happens to Man at Death?
Assignment 8 - What is the Meaning of History?
Assignment 9 - Finishing the Essay ~ an Introduction and Conclusion
Assignment 10 - The World of Narnia
Assignment 11 - The Land of Oz
Assignment 12 - It's a Wonderful Life
Assignment 13 - Frankenstein & Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Assignment 14 - Are Miracles Possible?
Assignment 15 - Is Christian Experience Valid?
Assignment 16 - The Shocking Alternative (Liar, Lunatic, or Lord)
Assignment 17 - Word Pictures from C.S. Lewis
Assignment 18 - Separation of Church & State
Assignment 19 - Stating Your Opinion on Separation of Church & State
Assignment 20 - Final Test
Appendix - Grammar Rules

BONUS... when you grab your copy of "Starting Points: Worldview Based Writing Lessons"

  1. Student Resource Notebook eBook (digital download for each of your own children)
    110 pages that includes the following:
      Structure Models
      Strong Verb Charts
      -ly Words (Adverbs)
      Quality Adjective Charts
      Five Senses & Emotions
      Transition Words & Phrases
      Grammar Rules - Punctuation, Confused Words, Clauses, Phrases, etc
      Charts & Checklists
      Answers to Exercises

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  3. Grammar & Mechanics Appendix -excerpted from Fix-It. If you need a more complete grammar program, you should also invest in Fix-It! Grammar and Editing Made Easy with the Classics (also receives FREE Shipping)

  4. Scope & Sequence - Integrates assignments for Starting Points with units from Teaching Writing Structure & Style throughout the entire year. Includes 20 assignments. For each assignment, you are given the following:
    • Starting Points assignment & pages
    • Readings
    • Unit from Teaching Writing Structure & Style
    • Stylistic concept for that writing assignment
    • Writing Task
    • Content Objectives
    • Source Texts

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Your success in using this powerful approach to teaching writing is completely guaranteed!


One side note...this book is a SUPPLEMENT to IEW Structure & Style writing course. It is not intended to be a stand-alone writing curriculum. If you are not familiar with the writing process outlined in Structure & Style, I would recommend purchasing it before or with this supplement.

Starting Points Worldview Based Writing Lessons (hardcopy) is a perfect manual to supplement Teaching Writing Structure and Style...and all for the low investment of $29!

How To Give Your Students
A Biblical Worldview

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