Structure Time, Not Content
by: Kerry Beck

This past weekend I gave a talk about Leadership Education. As I was studying and preparing my talk, I was struck by the importance of structuring the time for our kids to study, not necessarily the content. Homeschool moms spend so much time worrying about the content of their kids' studies when they could probably spend less time worrying about the details and more time inspiring kids to "own" their education for themselves. When we structure the time to study, we encourage our kids to "own" their education.

For instance, we can allocate 3-4 hours daily for younger kids to study and 6-10 hours daily for older kids to study. What they study during that time period should somewhat be decided by YOUR kids. Let them decide what they will study. If they are studying 8 hours daily, 5 days week for 4 years, they will put in 5000-8000 hours of study. Don't you think they will cover all the basics (that grandma wants) during that time? This will develop leaders and not followers who simply do the assignments mom gives them.

© Kerry Beck, 2007

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Kerry Beck is a homeschool mom and wife! She is the author of Raising Leaders, Not Followers, which encourages parents to train their children to be leaders who lead wisely. She would like to give you a free report about Leadership Education in Homeschool Curriculum


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