Why Attend a Small Online
Business Workshop
by: Kerry Beck

It’s unbelievable that people from all over the world attend an Online Marketing Workshop, hoping to improve their own small businesses.

Ever wondered why these people would leave the comfort of their own homes, as well as their families to cram into a meeting room with a bunch of strangers for two full days?

The answer...

They know they don't have all the answers and they also realize the benefits of attending a small business workshop.

Let me share with you 5 reasons you should attend a small business workshop for online marketing in your area, perhaps Dallas, Fort Worth or another city in Texas.

1. Dynamic Content

When I attend a well-organized workshop or seminar, I am astonished at the amount of content the speakers give in their talks. Last weekend, I came home with a notebook full of ideas and notes that I could implement immediately.

Many speakers freely share their online marketing strategy at business seminars. Since the speakers are entrepreneurs themselves, they know what the attendees need to start a small business or take their small business to the next level.

2. Contacts You Won’t Make With E-Mail or the Phone

It is amazing to me how a weekend conference allows small business owners to network and find others to make joint ventures. When I eat lunch with other entrepreneurs, I usually always walk away with a new tip or a partner for a new project.

Just last weekend at lunch, I found a new way to promote a conference I am hosting and my husband found a partner for his new project. Networking is definitely a bonus when you attend business conferences.

When you rub shoulders with other entrepreneurs and small business owners, you make friends and contacts with people that “get it”. Too often, those in the 9-5 job arena just don’t understand the benefits you receive when you have your own business and they surely don’t understand the freedom and control you gain when you are your own boss. Attending a small business workshop allows you time with others that do “get it”.

3. Incredible Access to World-Renowned Speakers

Think about how difficult it would be to call a nationally known speaker and visit with him about your small business. These speakers freely share the strategy that made them successful in the first place.

Most speakers spend the break time in the hallway so you have full access to them and their knowledge. No more waiting for a returned phone call or e-mail. Just walk on up to them and ask your questions.

4. Introduce Your Kids to Entrepreneurial Ideas and People

If you want your children to have freedom and control over their lives, you must introduce them to another way of thinking…thinking outside the box. So, take them to the next small business or entrepreneurial seminar, whether it is in Dallas, Atlanta or Fort Worth.

Aren’t your kids worth the investment? Don’t you want your kids to have the freedom to decide when to work and where to work? Online marketing is a great place to start your kids, so look for a workshop that you can go together. Your kids will learn entrepreneurial ideas from the speakers and from the other attendees.

Let’s face it, they won’t learn real-life business strategy at college or from their friends. One of the few places they will learn to think outside the box and gain control of their own life is from those who already have freedom and control in their life…the speakers and organizers of small business workshops, especially ones for online marketing.

5. Joint Venture Deals

You may be wondering what a joint venture deal is? JV Deals are those projects where two or more small business owners team up together for a project and all contribute their expertise and benefit financially.

My daughter did a joint venture deal last spring. She wanted to make her own audio product, but did not have expertise in any particular area. What did she do? She interviewed an expert in his field, recorded the interview and reproduced it for resale. Now, she pays the expert a percentage of every sale she makes. She does the work and uses the expert’s knowledge…both benefit from the project.

When you attend a seminar, you will be amazed at the possibilities for joint venture deals.

Bonus Tip: Attend a Small Business Workshop on Uncle Sam’s Money

Most business workshops, seminars and conferences are tax-deductible. You will need to check with your CPA, but I suspect you can write-off your small business workshop as a tax deduction. Hey, what a great way to travel the country and improve your bottom line, all on Uncle Sam’s tab.

Why get second hand information when you can attend a LIVE event with these experts and ask your own pertinent questions? Start looking for a small business workshop nearby…check the major cities – Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles or Fort Worth. You ought to find a workshop just for you, one that provides a plan and online strategy for your own business. Who knows, you might even find a low-cost seminar nearby.

(c) Kerry Beck

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