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Stephen Beck
Stephen Beck is a popular speaker and author at homeschool conferences and bookfairs around the country. Lately, his topics on family entrepreneurship have created quite a buzz in the homeschool and Christian community alike. Drawing upon his experiences of raising three children, owning a construction company for the past 18 years, starting a family-run homeschool curriculum store and discipling young men in the Church, Stephen Beck gives a unique laymanís perspective to the challenges of integrating the three areas that so greatly impact our lives. His passions are discipling his three children and leading younger believers to maturity in Christ, which he combines with his other passion of duck hunting whenever he can!

Kerry Beck
Kerry, wife & mom throughout the week, manages our home, our school and the inventory/marketing of our store. Having a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction, she has a unique perspective on homeschooling. She has learned more about real education in the past several years of homeschooling than in all her years as a public school teacher. Since we have a curriculum store, Kerry has the opportunity to review many books and approaches to homeschooling. Our kids are the testing station of what we carry in our store. Kerry has written some books and looks forward to writing more once her kids are grown. Kerry enjoys meeting with young moms to encourage them in raising, educating and encouraging their own kids. She also has a strong desire to show families ways to give children a love of learning.

Ashley Beck
Ashley (19) opened her first online business this past year. The Kings Armory is an online store that sells ammunition reloading supplies. Since she has been the Texas state champion in skeet shooting the past 4 years, this is a natural fit. Ashley has also written books and developed kids' games in her business pursuits. Ashley has homeschooled since fifth grade and will graduate this year. She attends the local, private, Christian, classical college. She is prayerfully considering where God is leading her in the future. Spending time with friends is one of her favorite pastimes, along with driving whenever possible.

Gentry Beck
Gentry (18) is the organizer for our family. She can take a pile of invoices, bills and other papers and make sense of it all. At book shows she is quite helpful to those who are searching for the right curriculum. She has read most of the historical fiction, biographies and fiction that we sell so she is working on a book list with her commentaries. Stay tuned for more details. Gentry opened her CD reproducing company at our Family Conference. You can get copies of our workshops from her. Gentry has homeschooled since third grade and continues her high school studies at home. She loves all sports, especially playing basketball and softball this year.

Hunter Beck
Hunter (16) is always looking for a new business project. He just finished reading Better Than A Lemonade Stand and recommends it to all young entrepreneurs. With the help of his dad, Hunter builds potato cannon kits and marshmallow guns. You will might see him shooting marshmallows at passer-bys. Hunter is developing a new Ranger Press toy and it might be ready by this summer. Hunter would rather play basketball, work on an experiment or build a fort outside than study inside, especially if it's Latin :-) This past year he had an undefeated soccer season with his dad coaching for the first time. He also learned to play lacrosse and looks forward to a summer season.


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