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Making Biblical Decisions
By: Stephen Beck

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You can tell the maturity of a believer by the decisions he makes. Why do Christians tend to make such poor decisions? How can we be sure that the decisions we make are pleasing to God and not just based on our feelings, circumstances or otherís opinions? How can we be sure that we are in the will of God? Read and be challenged about the way we should make everyday decisions according to the Bible - ones we are sure will please our Lord and Master!

Sometimes in our lives, no matter how old we are or how long that we have been a child of God, we make decisions based on what we want for our lives, not what God wants for us. We forget that no matter how BIG or small the decision, that we should ALWAYS talk to God and follow His direction for our lives. I would recommend this book to all Christians whether they are babes in Christ or have been walking with God for many years. Making Biblical Decisions is a good resource to use along with the Bible to learn how to consult with God when making decisions. It would also be good for the backbone members of a church to use as a reminder of how we as Christians should regard God in our daily decision making.
~~Bridget Jones, TEACH Magazine~~

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