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Teaching Writing:
Structure & Style DVD Seminar & Seminar Workbook

by: Andrew Pudewa

Our Price: $169.00 BUY NOW


You are buying one of the best school and homeschool writing curriculum for teaching writing on the market today!

I have personally used this writing program over 10 years and have seen improvement in my own children's writing. It is one of MY FAVORITES!

Students do not like to write...WHY?

They do not know WHAT to write about. Excellence in Writing doesn't expect students to figure out what to write about. Instead, they teach students how to improve their writing skills. Too many writing programs spend precious time brainstorming writing topics instead of teaching HOW to write.

When you use Institute for Excellence in Writing, you will spend time teaching your students HOW TO WRITE, instead of so much time on what to write about. Read the review below. Teaching Writing: Structure & Style includes a workbook that provides notes, charts, checklists and other material to teach all 9 writing units.

We know teachers and moms are super-busy, so we make it easy on you to teach writing.

On the DVDs, you will watch Andrew Pudewa as he shares with moms and teachers how to teach each of the nine units and all of the stylistic techniques. There is also an extra DVD with "Tips & Tricks" to help make you a better writing teacher.

Wondering what a stylistic technique is? It's a fancy word for teaching your students how to write well & improve your kids' writing.

If you've never used IEW before, this is the right place to start. Teaching Writing: Structure & Style is the foundation for all of IEW Writing guides. The other guides assume you understand the structure outlines for writing and the stylistic techniques explained in these 9 writing units:

  • Overview

  • Units 1-2 Notemaking, Summarizing, Stylistic Technique-Dress Up

  • Unit 3-Narratives, Stylistic Technique-Sentence Opener

  • Unit 4-Reports from Single Source, Stylistic Technique-Advanced Dress-Ups, Decorations, Triples

  • Unit 5-Writing from Pictures

  • Unit 6-Reports from Multiple Sources

  • Unit 7-Creative Writing with Structure

  • Unit 8-Essays: Basic, Extended, Super

  • Unit 9-Critiques, Conclusions

In addition to the DVDs that teach the 9 units listed above, you will also receive 3 student workshops and a 1 "Tips & Tricks" DVD. Andrew Pudewa teaches units 1 & 2 to a group of students.

Before IEW: Tears (theirs and mine), rebellion, fights, feelings and words of inadequacy.

After IEW: Smiles (even grins at times), cooperation, peace, feelings of accomplishment and even boastings "of my latest paper."


Simply PLUG & PLAY...
Pop in the dvd and let your students discover how to write paragraphs in their own words.. Your student will also be given a writing assignment to be completed with your guidance & support.

The 3 student workshops are given at 3 different age levels (elementary, intermediate & secondary) Choose the dvd for your own kids' ages.

PERFECT ADDITION for homeschools or classical teachers. Workbook & 10 dvds BONUS: FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM!

Add versatility for those who have chosen the Teaching Writing Program by adding the Student Writing Intensive DVD.?

Below are some rambling thoughts & comments about Teaching Writing from Institute for Excellence in Writing. Included in the new book: TOP 100 HOMESCHOOL PRODUCTS, by: Cathy Duffy


Do you have children that complain about writing assignments? This summer, I discovered (again) that giving my children a purpose for writing increases their motivation and willingness to fulfill their assignments. This past spring, all 3 of my children wrote books, which are now available for purchase. My son worked for an entire year studying about the jungle and choosing just the right animal or plant to include in his ABC Jungle Book. After making these choices, he wrote a paragraph about each one, using a writing stylistic checklist.

Now, you have to be realistic and know that he did not write or research every day for the past year. He took breaks from this project, which was completed at the beginning of June. He was highly motivated for a couple of reasons: First, he chose the topic of jungles himself so he was quite interested in the topic from the beginning. Secondly, the idea of making money from his writing project was exciting. This project gave him a purpose for writing.

Not every writing project will end in a money-making project, but they should have a purpose. Other purposes for writing assignments may include sending a letter to a friend or relative; entering a writing contest; writing a letter to the newspaper editor; writing a summary of your science fair project; sharing a story about an event in your life; writing a ministry letter; or a myriad of other purposes. Do your children have a purpose for their writing?

Once your child has a purpose for writing, he needs to put his ideas down on paper in a thoughtful, cohesive manner. The best source I have found to teach your child "how" to write is Excellence in Writing. This course deals with the "how" of writing instead of "what" to write about. The basic program from Excellence in Writing is their teacher training workshop, TEACHING WRITING: STRUCTURE & STYLE.

One of my favorite aspects of this program is that it is used with whatever subjects my children and I are studying. Writing is not a separate subject in and of itself. That's the way life is...writing is part of all aspects of our lives and our students should be able to write in many areas.

Another reason I like this program is the abundance of resources it provides. When a student is expected to add a stylistic technique, such as using an adverb in your paragraph, there is a full-page list of adverbs from which he can choose. If he is asked to start a sentence in his paragraph with a preposition, he is given a list of prepositions. (Or, he may already know them if he has used Easy Grammar ;-)

IEW is so customizable (yet makes so much sense to the kids) that it works very, very well for kids that just don't "get it" otherwise.

Mother of a Dyslexic Son


Teaching your child how to write well can sometimes be intimidating. Writing appears to be more abstract than concrete. Over the past several years our family has used the Institute for Excellence in Writing program because it is gives our children confidence in their writing abilities. It deals with "how" to write, instead of "what" to write about.

Does your child ever respond to your writing assignment with "I just don't know what to write about?" In my very humble opinion, I believe IEW is the best writing program available to homeschoolers. In fact, our oldest daughter (Ashley), has won 2 writing contests this past year. She used IEW's stylistic techniques to improve her writing style.

Many of you might be asking yourself, "What is IEW?" Below are commonly asked questions about this writing program. These questions appeared in Andrew Pudewa's summer/fall 2002 newsletter.

  • What Should I Purchase?
    Many of the parents and teachers who hear about our program or visit our web site come away overwhelmed because of the different materials and package options. Rightly they call and ask for advice as to what to buy. We consistently give the same answer: If you have not attended our seminar Teaching Writing: Structure & Style or seen it on videotape, that's the place to start.

    Everything else we sell is supplementary and peripheral to that. Learn the Structure & Style system and you can apply it with students of all ages and aptitudes without really needing anything else. The tools for teaching may be helpful timesavers, but are not truly essential. In terms of how much to buy, the easiest answer is that our video courses are a bit like ice cream; the more you have, the happier you'll be, but you don't have to have it all to have ice cream. Start with one serving and be sure to make it for yourself, the teacher.

    As a homeschool mom, I wholeheartedly agree with Andrew that Structure & Style is the place to begin. It gives you stylistic techniques to teach your child. Once your child masters some of these techniques and outlines, he can use them in any writing assignment he has. That's the beauty of IEW, it goes with any subject area you are studying.

  • Is the TWSS Seminar On Video the Same As the Live Seminar?
    Yes. The classes on video are very similar if not exactly the same in many places as the live courses. If you own the seminar workbook because of a previous purchase or seminar attendance, you may deduct $20 from the cost of the video/DVD set.

  • I have children of several different grade levels.
    Which level should I buy?
    We generally recommend that you "shoot for the middle." All our student classes (whether they be 1 day or 4 days) presume no previous experience without program, so you won't miss anything by starting with the Group B or C level. The classes are not, however, juvenile in a way that they would bore or offend older students. We often have very mixed classes.

  • A very good but not frequently asked question: Would it be better to read John Taylor Gatto's book or die a thousand dollars less in debt?
    Read the book! Of course! You must read that book.

  • Would it be better to listen to Andrew's music lecture or to die a thousand dollars less in debt?
    That should be obvious by now. :)

  • Our most disliked frequently asked question: If I buy the Bible-Based Writing Lessons book or History Based Writing Lessons, do I still have to do your teaching seminar?
    Yes! You do! These materials are meant to be supplemental-an aid to the teacher. There will never be a workbook which can teach writing to a child. Learn our system; then this book will be helpful.

    Once again, I agree with Andrew's take on this question. I realized a few years ago that there are some subject areas that workbooks can teach my children (such as math) and other subjects that need a real-live teacher. I have chosen to interact with my children in the area of writing because a workbook can not find ways to improve their writing. Sure, the workbook can be a reference or guide for writing.

  • Still too pricey?
    Our video seminar materials, because of their nature, are not inexpensive. Especially for the homeschool budget, $159 can be a lot. We do hope that you will consider this: Get a few friends, order an extra workbook for each, purchase the tapes and split the cost. Watch the seminar together, and you'll learn even more. You may have to negotiate who gets to keep the tapes, but you'll get the information and training you need for a cost you can afford. Hundreds have done it this way--it works!!

    One other thought about price...Although $160 can be a lot, this program is a one-time purchase. It can be used from 2nd to 10th grade, by all students in your family. If you have only one child, that is $15 a year on writing. If you have more than one child, it reduces your yearly expense on writing dramatically!

Thank you to all the marvelous moms and reps who have really sold me on this program. Due to the price of this program, I was very leery of even looking at it until one mom raved about it at a support group meeting. Since that night I have truly "lived and breathed" IEW by reading, copying, and pasting files and loop responses to various files on my computer.

I purchased a used TWSS and watched part of the first DVD (thanks, Barb, for the preview of SWI B) and felt I had a good handle on this to start. Yesterday, we watched the intermediate level DVD provided to get a handle on KWO and presentation. For two boys (12 and 14+) who are always in a hurry to be done, we did this last. They were glued to the screen, laughed, whipped out their pens (no pencils, no erasing) and started to write their KWO.

The absolute best part, which encouraged my heart that I was finally on track with something REALLY good, was the time of reading back the second paragraph on "Dancing Flies". They laughed as Andrew read to his paper and then I said, "Your turn." My extremely shy, mumbling, man-of-fewest-words older son, with a grin on his face and a light in his eye said, "I want to go first." Clear and complete sentences flowed out of his mouth as he looked us in the eyes!

"Ah, you said 'like'! You aren't supposed to use that word!" pounced the youngest, who seems to need things repeated to him due to lack of attention.

"I didn't use it the way he said not to," was the retort.

"He is right. He used it as a simile. By the way, marvelous job connecting the last three lines. Just think! You are ahead of the game, because we haven't even covered that yet."

"Do we get to write these down?"

"Yes, but not today. I think we have done enough. I'm proud of you."

I know that the title says "Excellence in Writing", but it is much more than that. It is truly an answer to prayer. It has already been a boost to the "self-esteem" of a young man who thinks he is, excuse this word, "stupid". I can see this program building confidence, a change of attitude, and a tool he can use in the future: the progress skills needed in thinking and the tools he will need to express himself.

I look forward to seeing the rest of the resources at our state convention and talking with Jan. You've sold me!

Homeschool Parent


100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you don't like the product or it doesn't fit your child, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked!

You can go through the entire course and then make up your mind! It's like getting a test drive to make sure this works for you!

Add Teaching Writing: Structure & Style to your classroom today!

To save $30, buy the combo set!

Teaching Writing & Student Writing Intensive A           $239.00   BUY NOW!
Teaching Writing & Student Writing Intensive B           $239.00   BUY NOW!
Teaching Writing & Student Writing Intensive C           $239.00   BUY NOW!


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